I make music that sounds like home computer rock, or dubby ambient, or ultraviolent pop music. Lately I’ve focused on more abstract jams, beats, and dubs. Acid techno!

Don’t worry though, my dear, the error funk is still there.

I’ve made 47 releases in a wide range of styles and formats. Like acid in cheese burgers, electro on vinyl, and abstract beats in a hole in a wall. But let’s make it easy for now:


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Recent or upcoming shows

Internetdagarna, Stockholm, November 20-21

I'm doing ASCII graffiti and a robot live show with Jacob Remin at Internetdagarna next week. Unlike the rave set at Algorave last week, the robot will play more low-key cocktail dub electronica ambient something. And the ASCII graffiti will be painted on canvas,...

Algorave at Algomech, Sheffield, November 11

The Robot Music project that me and Jacob Remin are doing will make an appearance at the Algorave at the Algomech Festival in Sheffield! Two Commodore 64s play music. One is operated by a human, the other by a robotic arm. The robot makes melodies, modulates sounds...

Festival Serendip Lab, Paris, October 14

I'm playing at Festival Serendip Lab in Paris on October 14th with The Pilotwings, Constance Chlore, Bill Vortex, Rythme Une Dévotion, Laner Fax, Saulk from Mélodies Souterraines and...

Milano Chiptune Underground #007, September 30

I'm playing at the fantastic Macao venue, together with Meneo, RLSN, Contra Legem, Tonylight, arottenbit, and Kenobit. With Ai Di Ti Vision and Nazzilla on the visuals. More info...

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