I’ve made 49 releases in a wide range of styles, formats and media. Floptrik is a floppy with endless, generative versions of the songs. dubCRT is a C64-cartridge with generative inter-reactive visuals and a secret remix-mode. There was the notorious Acid Burger (a mini-DVD housed in a McDonald’s cheese burger) and * was released in a hole in a wall in New York.

So I like to experiment with music distribution and if you don’t want to miss my releases, the best option is to sign up to the newsletter. There is also Soundcloud, two Bandcamps, and the RSS-feed. Check the bottom of the page for even more connection points.



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Lecture in Frankfurt

I'm doing a presentation called HOW 8-BIT MACHINES CHANGED ELECTRONIC MUSIC at Robert Johnson Theorie in Frankfurt, on 20 October (not 13 as it said before). I will do some critical history on computer music and trackers, as well as the cultures around...

Tiefengrund, Frankfurt w/ PET.CORP

I'll perform together with PET.CORP (Ailadi & Jambonbill aka Sidabitball) for the first time soon! In Frankfurt on October 12th at Tiefengrund FFM to be exact. And the day after we will do a lecture/performance together, also in Frankfurt, but more about that...

X:Ploration, Suicide Circus, Berlin

Hallo leute, I'm playing an improvised ambient C64-set at this electro/techno party at Suicide Circus in Berlin, 19 October. This looks ganz toll so don't miss out! More info on RA and Facebook. Art work hand painted by...

100% Drain Bamage, Gothenburg

A night of faster, harder and stupider music in Gothenburg 1 September from 10 to 05 or something like that. I'm playing along with The Toilet & Ljudit Andersson, Xäcksecks, DJ Plånbok, Phase of Bass, Audiopat, OCD Soundsystem, Kvartingen and Fuck you Hitler. More...

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