Entter and Goto80 brings you a true piece of data art! Made in Bilbao in July, this audiovisual piece boasts some of the trashiest RAM-hacks ever seen. Don’t try this at home! Download the mov-files below, or click here to see it online. (just buffer a bit before playing)

000 user_photo_trip835.jpg

001 tripToNowhere839.mov
002 wombatHam637.mov
003 lecheRAM506.mov
004 bingo170.mov
005 JCH01ram_access239.mov
006 helTrick594.mov
007 JCH02ram_access134.mov
008 onROFtour01844.mov
009 JCH03ram_access965.mov
010 rainbowRider280.mov
011 onROFtour02934.mov
012 glitchKung868.mov
013 finalTrip13975.mov

September 04: added to Rhizome at the New Museum of Contemporary Art of New York
September 16: nominated in “Best Experimental” at Machinima Festival Europe 07

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