Two shows in Switzerland

I'm playing two shows in Switzerland together with Eat-Rabbit, gwEm and Cyanid Dansen! 16 December: 8-BIT-BOOm at Kraftfeld, Winterthur. 17 December: Micromusic Label Night at Umbo, Zürich.

Upcoming shows

Wow, live music is back! Here are my upcoming shows: 15/09/22 - SE: SEC-T, Stockholm with PET.CORP info 14/10/22 – UK: Yellow Arch, Sheffield with HENGE info 15/10/22 – UK: Band on the Wall, Manchester with HENGE info 16/10/22 – UK: The Phoenix, Exeter with HENGE info...

Live w/ PET CORP @ SEC-T, Stockholm

Me and PET CORP will perform an A/V set at Club SEC-T in Stockholm, 15 September. It's a free event and we are scheduled for 21:30 so don't be late! More info

UK Tour in October with HENGE

Great news! I will support the super group HENGE on parts of their Wanderlust tour in the UK! They do great live performances, so you should really go if you have the chance. When I'm not supporting, it's usually Chewy She. > More info about the Wanderlust tour So,...

Live @ Suck Puck Breakcorona Xmas Stream 2

A full night of breakcorona is coming your way, courtesy of Suck Puck Recordz! I will perform together with the Mutantswing hardcore family and there will be Toecutter, Captain Raveman, Melt Unit, Passenger of shit, Kodek and many many other performing. More info in...

Live @ Lovebyte 14 March

There is a party this weekend about making as much as you can with as little as you have. Lovebyte is an online event with competitions such as pixel art in 256 pixels, intros in 256 bytes, or how about an intro in 8 bytes, or something else. If you think that can't...

Live w/ Lazer Zebras @ KUTICLUB vs MUSA ULLAKOLLA

I'm playing a show together with Lazer Zebras (hey, brand new album!) for this party/exhibition and release party for Digi-Kuti #57, a comics/zine which I believe will contain some PETSCII and Teletext and stuff. Tommi Musturi is partly behind this, so I think we're...

Bitscape Las Vegas

This is a streamed event from Las Vegas and I'm playing together with Ray Manta and Jellica (my fellow Hack n' Trade dudes) as well as Beat Ratio and Gajtron. It's 29 August and I'll play in the early evening (European time). There will also be talks and stuff - check...

Eindbaas & Byte Me, Netherlands

Okay, two shows in Netherlands coming up soon! 1 February: Eindbaas at EKKO in Utrecht along with Boa Constructor, 4ntler, Megathrive and IXIIXI. 30 January: Byte Me in Pier 15 Skatepark in Breda together with RoccoW, Monodeer, Wisefire, 4ntler, DJ Nomad, VJ...


Aloha, I release and perform music using 1980’s computers and other things. I also do art and research mostly about text graphics and the demoscene.

You can keep up with me through fax, RSS and even an electronic cyber newsletter.


Skybox nominated for Meteoriks

Skybox, the C64-demo in PETSCII that Extend made with my music, has been nominated in the Meteoriks 2023. That’s the yearly awards for all things demoscene. I don’t think I’ve ever worked on something that was nominated, so that’s cool. It’s good that some stuff a bit off the beaten path can get some attention as well, hehe.



V/A: 20y20k (20kbps rec)

20y20k is a 20 year celebration of 20kbps rec, a steadfast point to return to while online music continues to deteriorate. Their website is exactly the same today as it was back then, and that works just fine.

Anyway, this compilation features classic 20kbps artists such as Jimmy Slaughter, Starpause, The Hardliner, Overthruster, Atarix, Origami Repetika, Sascha Müller, me and many more.

Check it outz!


Old releases popping up

If you are following me on Bandcamp, you’ve seen that I’m re-publishing a lot of old releases there. Just now I did Wet Pulse, for example.

If you’re not following me on Bandcamp, you haven’t seen that I’m re-publishing a lot of old releases there. Just now I did Wet Pulse, for example.

More stuff on the way!

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