Live Stream Recording

How can I do do live ASCII and music at the same time? It’s a mystery!

So, this set starts off very ambient with some soon-to-be-released things, but then turns into acidic informer italo gabber. As usual. The “visuals” are just me bumming around in Moebius with as little brain power used as possible.

Made for Shadow Party.



aSCIIaRENA is a great site for Amiga scene ASCII art with comments and votings and walls and charts and so on – kind of like the BBS-world.

The site now supports ANSI as well, so my super mega long ASCII/ANSI-thing Goto20 is there too, receiving some pretty great feedback. So with a few people giving this a top vote it means that that both me and my colly are currently ranked as #1 on the whole site! Wat ze fokk…

It won’t last long of course. Let’s cherish this silly moment while it lasts.


My Set at Lovebyte

Here’s the live set I streamed at Lovebyte last week, a demoparty fully focused on coding things as small as possible (like, just a few bytes in some cases). They received more entries for the competitions than any demoparty has since Assembly 94 I think it was. Hooray! More is less?!

In the spirit of minimizing resources I did a downtempo set to avoid any overloads of the senses. Hehe, yeah right.


V/A: aux4427 (mindcolormusic)

Aux4427 is a compilation from mindcolormusic out on double vinyl and MP3 soon! You can pre-order on their Bandcamp and listen to excerpts here or in the Zöundkloud box below. It includes artists like Tysk raider, The courier, Human behind pluto, Porbulation gold, Cassilda and the carcosa, The circumverse, Sibirsky snickers, Drøn, Ambicumber, Aderacid, CDR, The greenwasher, Johnny jitters, Suso flores, Ctlg and … me!

Chekk dis out!

Live @ Lovebyte 14 March

There is a party this weekend about making as much as you can with as little as you have. Lovebyte is an online event with competitions such as pixel art in 256 pixels, intros in 256 bytes, or how about an intro in 8 bytes, or something else. If you think that can’t amount to much, have a look at the examples below.

There’s also seminars, talks and other things like DJs and live music. I will play an hour’s set on Sunday at 17 (UTC+1) using Renoise, defMON and Protracker. I’m trying to relate to the theme by using more randomization and less data in order to minimize resources. Let’s see. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to sound the way you expect (unless I changed your expectations just right by saying that?).

All this is streaming on le Tweetch. Find the link on their website.

Finally, here’s an old YouTube playlist I did with some examples of these almost empty computer files. Gotta love the irony of streaming it as video….


808642 (On Tape)

A while back, on 808-day, I released 808642 and now the tape version is out! It includes a new song as well as remixes by Mesak, Dubmood and Abe Sangin. Just like 80864 it uses primarily TR-808 and Commodore 64, but also other things. A lot of the songs are based on jams, and the last song is actually a 15 minute jam that I didn’t have time to finish properly, but I included it anyway.

Get it on Bandcamp

Pst – if you already bought the digital release and didn’t get an email with a discount code for the tape version, get in touch.

Two Hot Compo Tunes

Last weekend I competed with two songs at the Syntax demoparty in Australia. My 90s rave song To The Rave From The Man Cave came last in the wild compo (!?) and the sloppy funk Donkey Dont Care did a little better in the 28 second compo.

Competing with an MP3 rave track in the wrong compo is a first for me. What’s also first, is me understanding the concept of time zones and not handing in contributions 24 hours too late. All in all, a great success.

New defMON-version

defMON is the C64-software that I’ve been using for the last 15 years or so. My computer compadre Mad Frantic made it, and I’ve helped him out with a few suggestions and ideas over the years.

The newest version includes some new sync features, like synchronizing two defMONs by connecting two C64s to the same disk drive (or just straight into the other). You can now also nudge the tempo, back or forth, to stay in sync with your local brass band. So yeah, good times they are a coming!

We are also closer than ever to actually making some video tutorials to defMON so perhaps the number of defMON-users will rise to a two digit number in the future..