UK Tour in October with HENGE

Great news! I will support the super group HENGE on parts of their Wanderlust tour in the UK! They do great live performances, so you should really go if you have the chance. When I’m not supporting, it’s usually Chewy She.

More info about the Wanderlust tour

So, the dates where I support are:

14/10/22 – Yellow Arch, Sheffield
15/10/22 – Band on the Wall, Manchester
16/10/22 – The Phoenix, Exeter
19/10/22 – The Hairy Dog, Derby
20/10/22 – Komedia, Brighton
22/10/22 – Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek
23/10/22 – Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

Video of the Shadow Party Gig

Here’s the gig I made at Shadow Party yesterday. It’s pretty laidback with plenty of dubby dub dub.. bub bub…  I do both the music and the visuals (using the Moebius ASCII editor) so it was obviously not a real-time stream, hehe.

Machines Don’t Cry

Machines don’t cry is my new pop single on Mutantswing with remixes by Whale opportunity, Decorate the sky and me (bonus internet2008 treat). BLDZR made the cover art and it’s a wink to Ekta‘s cover for Made on Internet.

And most importantly – the video! BLDZR made it and I helped with some ASCII-stuff. The good looking computer is the ABC80 (which might be where the 80 in Goto80 comes from?) and I made some of the ASCII with the ABC80-font, supplied by Shadow.

Oh, and since there is “nudity” in the video it is not liked by all platforms but let’s hope it gets to stay online.

Censored version:

Uncensored version at that doesn’t stream very well:

aSCII eXPRESS issue 1

Wtf, a brand new diskmag from Up Rough and Divine Stylers that covers the Amiga ASCII and BBS scenes!? That basically lists charts from, total stats from all the active Amiga elite bulletin boards, and various other bits and pieces??

Of course!

I’ve been involved in the graphics and the music, working together with Dino, K-P and Spot. There’s also work from Dipswitch, Mortimer Twang, Sk!n and others. It’s clearly inspired by the Impure Express from last year, so do check that out as well.

It runs on Amiga 500 (or newer Amigas) and you can download it here. Also Pouet, Demozoo,…