Una Sera A Riccione

I made a little ANSI-logo for Dubmood’s italo disco track, which btw was inspired by Phenomena’s Enigma demo.


Framtidstro by Funktion & Desire, a 40k Amiga intro that I made a quick ASCII-logo for. It doesn’t display correctly (which was my fault):

Razor 1911 works

I’ve started to make text graphics for one of the oldest and most active crackers around – Razor 1911. Dubmood and me are cooking up some good schtuff, and I’ll add it here as it gets released!


Made for the Amiga music disk Chip Chop 17 by Desire. It was originally based on Jeff’s C64-song Hard-Track, but you can’t hear much of it in this.

TEXTSCAPE exhibition


TEXTSCAPE is an online ASCII/textmode exhibition with cap’n, elle, ertdfgcvb, me, Julian Hespenheide, L444U, MEK.txt, p1xelfool, Raquel Meyers, V5MT and 1mposter. Curated by Vienna Kim and Benoit Palop.

PETSCII-ish stuff

I made this and this for this. It’s kind of PETSCII, but I’ve added a few custom characters to the font. Actually, I’ve made a full font in the process… I’m also using more than one background colour in the top one (standard C64 PETSCII only uses one background colour).