I’ve performed live chip music since 2001, and at the moment I’m focusing on:

robot music for robots
█ acid pop funk rave for party-party
█ improvised shows for easy or hard listening
█ interactive shows for control

Book it, rock it..

_ Shovvs

Lecture in Frankfurt

I'm doing a presentation called HOW 8-BIT MACHINES CHANGED ELECTRONIC MUSIC at Robert Johnson Theorie in Frankfurt, on 20 October (not 13 as it said before). I will do some critical history on computer music and trackers, as well as the cultures around...

Tiefengrund, Frankfurt w/ PET.CORP

I'll perform together with PET.CORP (Ailadi & Jambonbill aka Sidabitball) for the first time soon! In Frankfurt on October 12th at Tiefengrund FFM to be exact. And the day after we will do a lecture/performance together, also in Frankfurt, but more about that...

X:Ploration, Suicide Circus, Berlin

Hallo leute, I'm playing an improvised ambient C64-set at this electro/techno party at Suicide Circus in Berlin, 19 October. This looks ganz toll so don't miss out! More info on RA and Facebook. Art work hand painted by...

100% Drain Bamage, Gothenburg

A night of faster, harder and stupider music in Gothenburg 1 September from 10 to 05 or something like that. I'm playing along with The Toilet & Ljudit Andersson, Xäcksecks, DJ Plånbok, Phase of Bass, Audiopat, OCD Soundsystem, Kvartingen and Fuck you Hitler. More...

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