01 Ter4
02 Comsten
03 Pappap
04 Phh
05 Llamawarning

A 5-track mp3-release for 8bitpeoples. Ter4 was originally made with more hi-fi stuff (eh, amiga and fb01) under the name Extraboy, but I made a quick re-make of it in Protracker for GBG. Llamawarning is, just like Monkeywarning, a mega-mish-mash-up of some of my drum’n’bass songs. Only this has Amiga and vocals aswell (about Blixas polare and shopping at Willys). The last bit of the song is from the Swedish radio show Syntax Error“Låten är gjord av Anders Carlsson som döljer sig bakom krakkarnamnet Goto80” – “The song is made by Anders Carlsson, hiding behind the cracker-name Goto80”. Yeah, and I remember when I made Pappap. I composed the main melody in my head while working as a paperboy, and I remember I wanted to make it sound like a samba-jazz-arcade-FM-car-driving-song. But in the end it didn’t. Hey, maybe some day it will. The Amiga-version of Pappap is more like that anyway. (which I made prior to the C64-verison actually)

(contech electronics)