A: Sombanova
B: Mamasita

10 years ago I released my first 7″, so this is the right time for another one. A skweee-bossanova that goes drum-machine Squarepusher (?) and a romantic dub-pop song with Acid Terrorist vocals. Available as 7″ (only 200 copies) but also as MP3 in all those iTunes-Beatport kind of places. More details at Pingipung’s page.

You can listen to the B-side’s dirty 6581 action here. The vocals were improvised by Acid Terrorist, while I was dubbing away with an SX-64 and Wersiboard with a hacked Defmon. The A-side is made with more modern hardware, but uses a 16 millisecond loop for all the instruments except the drums.

If you like the B-side, you’ll like the next audiovisual text mode sleep release that I’m making with Raquel Meyers. Stay hungry! And also: check out the rest of Pingipung’s Summer of Seven series. Almost completely chip-free, yeeess!

Update. Today (4 june, 2012) I realised that the melody of Sombanova is from Raymond Scott’s Portonofino 2. Very strange experience. Sometimes melodies come from cosmos and dreams, sometimes from hard work, and sometimes from other songs. Afaik, this is the first time I do this.

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