01 CP/L
02 Datahell
03 Exy
04 Bullcactus
05 Soft Commando
06 Monster
07 Spill
08 Markus
09 Rofon
10 Datahell Beta

Digi-Dig is a 10-track ogg-release free for download at Da ! Heard It Records. Plays in Winamp. Includes electro, trash, funk, pop, metal, etc. If you hurry up, you can buy your own copy with crazy fresh bonus material!

In 2009 there was a very limited re-release with additional material: 24 songs and 6 videos. More info

* “I highly recommend this album! GOTO80 is a living legend, and this release is proof that he is still topnotch.” / Twilight Electric

* “Digi-dig is just as ass-good as you could imagine, eventhough it’s not the Great American record this time either.” / Puterman

* “Little logic for much of chaos, that leaves in all the directions and especially in the nonsense… but what it is full with taste!” / Culture Netlabel (babelfish-style)

* “If you like all of the songs on a Goto80-release you’re just as disturbed as he is, and then you might aswell quit. Game over, asswanker!” / Puterman

* “It would say that the best thing than has done, you must assume that Goto80 is better than your mothers.” / Logarythm (babelfish-style)

* “I love that he do with the sound ideas, the limited timbres explaining different histories, really as an 8 bits jazz band… […] I believe that GOTO80 has a global vision very guessed right of his work. Even some have a certain degree of dramatism that I agree. And it has force.” / The Express Pot (read it!)

(new wave country)