I write about digital crafts and cultures such as text graphics, chip music, retro archiving, and the demoscene. Since 2008 I’ve published academic articles, book chapters, and other texts (see below) and I continuously post thoughts and findings on Chipflip and TEXT-MODE. I also do talks and workshops.

My largest work so far is my master’s thesis from 2010: Power users and retro puppets – a critical study of the methods and motivations in chipmusic.


The latest posts from the TEXT-MODE Tumblr, where me and Raquel Meyers collect text graphics and related things, since 2012.

Emoji Sheriff is a meme from 2017, started by Brandon Wardell
The classic game International Karate with a new background
The Macrocom Method is a text mode trick for PC to use 16-colour hi-res graphics in CGA
, ca 1982
Marilyn Monroe flip book made with barcodes from DVDs of her movies, by Scott Blake 2012
ASCII-cake animated in Powerpoint
Article in Popular Electronics 1974 to build an ASCII-compatible keyboard for 40 USD
The Ohio state flag and a pirate flag (by Joan Stark) with a  by Sam Carrettie

▞ Published

█ Beyond Encoding: A Critical Look at the Terminology of Text Graphics (2017). WiderScreen 1-2/2017.

█ When Net Art Outlives the Net: Eduardo Kac’s Poetry for Videotexto (2016). Net Art Anthology at Rhizome.org.

█ Die Wilden Bastler (2016) Article about the working conditions in 1980’s game audio, published in the Swiss magazine WOZ.

█ A Retrospective on the Stories and Aesthetics of 8bit Music (2015) Article for the exhibition catalogue of ANTI-HUMANISM by Lu Yung

█ Computer Rooms (2013) Photo book with computer spaces, designed by Raquel Meyers.

█ Future Potentials For ASCII Art (2012) Paper written with A. Bill Miller for the CAC3 conference in Paris.

█ Power Users and Retro Puppets – A Critical Study of the Methods and Motivations in Chipmusic (2010). MA-thesis in Media and Communication.

█ A Micro-Introduction to Chipmusic as Genre and Culture (2010). For the DVD Reformat The Planet.

█ A Micro History of Demoscene Music (2010). For Rhizome.org.

█ The Forgotten Pioneers of Creative Hacking and Social Networking – Introducing the Demoscene (2009). For re:live – Third International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology.

█ Chip Music: Low Tech Data Music Sharing (2008) in Collins, Karen: From Pac Man To Pop Music (Ashgate).

░ Talks & Workshop

█ Learning C64 music
Workshop at Campuse, Milano, Italy, 2017

█ Chip music – the primal scream of digital culture
Talk at Spelklubben, Holmsund, Sweden, 2017

█ Free/libre music: Artist’s medicine or poison?
Panel talk at Kamizdat label night at MENT Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2017

█ Learning C64-music
Workshop at I/O Symposium at Concordia University, Montréal, Canada, 2016.

█ What can we learn from the demoscene?
Keynote talk at I/O Symposium at Concordia University, Montréal, Canada, 2016.

█ PETSCII – A Character Set and a Creative Platform
Presentation with Markku Reunanen and Tero Heikkinen at Behind the Scenes at Univeristy of Lodz, Poland, 2015.

█ The demoscene vs The art world
Talk at Øredev, Malmö, 2013.

█ Hackers & Suckers
Talk at the lecture series Do You Believe in Users?, Merz Akademie, Stuttgart, Germany, 2012.

█ Using text in music and graphics
Talk with Raquel Meyers at Griboedov Club, St Petersburg, Russia, 2011.

█ The chipscene
City Exhibition Hall, Petrozavodsk, Russia, 2011.

█ C64 music workshop
Eksjö Stadsbibliotek, Sweden, 2010.

█ C64 music workshop
Hacknight #2, Malmö, Sweden, 2010.

█ C64 music workshop
Tresor, Berlin, Germany, 2010.

█ The demoscene and the chipscene
Demode Festival, Zagreb, Croatia, 2010.

█ Open source, hacking & remixing in the 8-bit demoscene
Talk at HAIP Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2008.

█ C64 music workshop
En Festival i 8 Bitar, Västerås, Sweden, 2008.

█ Chipmusic
Talk at Muzik, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2007.

█ C64 music workshop
La Gare, Coustellet, France, 2007.

█ C64 music workshop
Plektrum Festival, Tallinn, Estonia, 2006.

█ C64 music workshop
Electro Circus Festival, Avignon, France, 2006.

█ C64 music workshop
Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland, 2005.