I make music that sounds like home computer rock, or dubby ambient, or ultraviolent pop music. Lately I’ve focused on more abstract jams, beats, and dubs. Acid techno!

Don’t worry though, my dear, the error funk is still there.

I’ve made 45 releases in a wide range of styles and formats. Like acid in cheese burgers, electro on vinyl, and abstract beats in a hole in a wall. But let’s make it easy for now:

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Bitgrid, Antwerp, April 1

I'm playing Bitgrid in Antwerp with Shirobon, Monodeer, Rymdkraft, Hexadeci, Mega Thrive, HavocCc, Jotie vs HIA, I am Legendary Robot and...

C64 Ambient For Datastorm Breakfast, Feb 11

I'll play some C64 ambient at Datastorm in Gothenburg on Saturday morning, as the poor demosceners are refuelling with breakfast. I will improvise from scratch with nothing but defMON and a delay pedal, and also over recordings of previous improvisations. I do the...

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