Skybox nominated for Meteoriks

Skybox, the C64-demo in PETSCII that Extend made with my music, has been nominated in the Meteoriks 2023. That’s the yearly awards for all things demoscene. I don’t think I’ve ever worked on something that was nominated, so that’s cool. It’s good that some stuff a bit off the beaten path can get some attention as well, hehe.



Review of Lo Fi Mono Festival

My music does not really got any reviews anymore. It didn’t happen a lot before either, but at least sometimes. Well, 2022 is kicking off nicely with a MUSIC REVIEW IN A BLOG. Yeah! 2022 takes the best of 2005? Maybe. Or. Yeah. Well, my music under review is actually from 2001 or even years before that if I’m being honest. See, I recently re-published my first cassette LO FI MONO FESTIVAL to Bandcamp, without even blogging about it OOOOh.  Listen to this:

“This is pretty short, but I wanted to include it because when I come at an album titled Lo Fi Mono Festival, I do not expect to have a good time. This was fun from the word go, far heavier on the “festival” than the “lo fo mono”. And that part’s not even that bad, really! This includes a couple video game covers, from Super Mario Land and the original Mega Man, and they sound great like this. So yeah, short but sweet, an unexpected hit. 8.5/10”

(they also reviewed Hardcore Family, but less enthusiastic)


aSCIIaRENA is a great site for Amiga scene ASCII art with comments and votings and walls and charts and so on – kind of like the BBS-world.

The site now supports ANSI as well, so my super mega long ASCII/ANSI-thing Goto20 is there too, receiving some pretty great feedback. So with a few people giving this a top vote it means that that both me and my colly are currently ranked as #1 on the whole site! Wat ze fokk…

It won’t last long of course. Let’s cherish this silly moment while it lasts.


dubCRT review

A review of the dubCRT cartridge and Remute’s Sega Mega Drive cartridge, made by Techmoan. Our cartridge doesn’t sound quite right in the video since it’s played on an old SID-chip, but who am I to judge?

I wrote a post about cartridge music a few years ago, if you want to know more…

Sweet <3 for my Def Jam

Last weekend I was in the Netherlands to play at the X’2018 C64 fiesta, and the lovely Gifgrond in Tilburg. I played a fully improvised set, where I start completely from scratch and make all the instruments and composingz as I go along.

Yeah I Know It Sucks had some very nice things to say about my performance. This approach was so unique and friendly, totally unique and exposed; where normally a lot of electronic musicians hide behind their desk, Goto80 showed the polar opposite. [..] He had nothing to hide, didn’t come out all the way from Sweden to play a game of digital patience or check out his emails; he sincerely laid himself and his music process bare, naked in front of you with astonishing music as a result.

Thanks for that! Feels particularly pleasing since I’m working on an album of C64-improvs at the moment. That will be out next year, after I release another album that I’m working on…

So many albums, so little shirbums.

Featured in the radio show Diggin’ in the Carts

Diggin’ in the carts was started by Nick Dwyer as a rather fantastic video documentary series in 2014 and has continued as a radio show focused on Japanese game music since.

In this brand new episode they are looking outside of Japan for the first time, and they interviewed me about the history of computer and video game music in the West. Rather big topic, eh? :) Pete from Anamanaguchi is also in the show.

So enjoy! It will go offline in 29 days I think.

Listen to the show