V/A: 20y20k (20kbps rec)

20y20k is a 20 year celebration of 20kbps rec, a steadfast point to return to while online music continues to deteriorate. Their website is exactly the same today as it was back then, and that works just fine.

Anyway, this compilation features classic 20kbps artists such as Jimmy Slaughter, Starpause, The Hardliner, Overthruster, Atarix, Origami Repetika, Sascha Müller, me and many more.

Check it outz!


V/A: aux4427 (mindcolormusic)

Aux4427 is a compilation from mindcolormusic out on double vinyl and MP3 soon! You can pre-order on their Bandcamp and listen to excerpts here or in the Zöundkloud box below. It includes artists like Tysk raider, The courier, Human behind pluto, Porbulation gold, Cassilda and the carcosa, The circumverse, Sibirsky snickers, Drøn, Ambicumber, Aderacid, CDR, The greenwasher, Johnny jitters, Suso flores, Ctlg and … me!

Chekk dis out!

V/A: 20kbps Rec. Sweet Sixteen Birthday

20kbps rec. is 16 years old, and here‘s a compilation in beautiful low bit rate on L0BIT to celebrate! There’s many familiar names from the low bitrate scene (!?) like Atarix, Overthruster, Sascha Müller, Toxic Chicken, Irrlicht Project, Origami Repetika, The Hardliner… and me. My song is an Amiga song, Luxus, that you might have heard before, but this time with a special C64 “acid” thing added.

I’ve released stuff on 20kbps since 2004, btw. Two mini-albums among other things.


V/A: Warm Data (Bit Rot)

The robot‘s first song is included in the compilation Warm Data, released by Bit Rot. The robot’s song is pretty chill, but otherwise this compilation is for you who like it a bit rougher and more abstract. Includes artists such as Joss Manley, Irrlicht Project, tMT and Raquel Meyers. There’s not just music but also programs and videos, so go n’ get it now.

Get it on Bandcamp.

Big in Japan Documentary

I have some music in this new documentary that’s right now touring cinemas across Australia. Big in Japan is about contemporary fame culture, and about how a slightly geeky guy can become big in Japan for … something. Anything. My song Killer Piller is featured in the movie, remixed by cTrix who has worked a lot with the documentary.