TEXTSCAPE exhibition


TEXTSCAPE is an online ASCII/textmode exhibition with cap’n, elle, ertdfgcvb, me, Julian Hespenheide, L444U, MEK.txt, p1xelfool, Raquel Meyers, V5MT and 1mposter. Curated by Vienna Kim and Benoit Palop.

Douche ex Machina

Another ANSCII colly from me! Douche ex Machina. Available at aSCIIaRENA. More of my ANSCII here. Includes logos for Data Airlines, Hack n’ Trade, Divine Stylers, Up Rough, Öhmans, ASCII Express, TEXTMODE, Basen i botten, Topaz, Superdöner, Gökens brorsa,  Dahléns, Infinite Acid Machine, Virtual Acid Reality Karaoke Show, Zabutom, Anti Alias, Quiz Galore, Beachfront Avenue, and myself.

Deep Show

Tommi Musturi’s Deep Show is a fantastic animation projected in a big underpass, with a soundtrack by me. It is part of the Reflektor light festival, 25-28 January, in Kerava, Finland.

My other collaborations with Tommi are here.

New ASCII for PC!

I’ve released a new ASCII-thing in Impure 85! This time I’ve tried to work with code page 437, popular on the IBM PC. It has different characters than the Amiga, such as the useful block gradients: ▓ ▒ ░. The font is designed differently, so for example the / and \ don’t connect to each other. Boooo! I think I wrote a bit about the differences in this paper.

Anyway, this has been added to my MEGA ASCII PAGE where you can go and scroll into the abyss!

Two Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty-One Days Part 1

Two Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty-One Days Part 1 is a video work by Björn Bengtsson with a soundtrack by me. It’s now showing in Tokyo as part of the Sumida EXPO 2022.

“The work is a 40-minute-trance-inducing-high-speed-slideshow/video with a dark, lush soundscape by Goto80, installed in an empty nagaya (old wooden Shōwa period house) in the Kyojima neighborhood.”

> Exhibition period: October 1 – 24
> Venue: Uradana Tonari, 3-57-8 Kyojima, Sumida, Tokyo
> Opening hours: 10 am – 6 pm