Me and my crew mates in Hack n’ Trade released a PETSCII-demo for C64 a while ago: LVLLVLtro. It was made for James, who codes the brilliant online PETSCII editor lvllvl. It features work by HT-members like Ray Manta, Jellica, Linde, me and Ant1. Guests include Jucke, Dino, Polyducks, Richard and Sire.

PS. This is the 809th post on this site. :>)

A ChatGPT-demo?!

Yes indeed, check this out! Still 93 by Divine Stylers and Style.┬áIt’s a demo made to feel like it’s from the 1990’s, coded by ChatGPT as instructed by dMG who is not a coder. Makes so much sense, right? :)

There is more info at the GitHub page. I made some of the music, Skope did the rest of the music. It came at 10th place at the Evoke demoparty, where I also released an ASCII/ANSI thing.


Skybox nominated for Meteoriks

Skybox, the C64-demo in PETSCII that Extend made with my music, has been nominated in the Meteoriks 2023. That’s the yearly awards for all things demoscene. I don’t think I’ve ever worked on something that was nominated, so that’s cool. It’s good that some stuff a bit off the beaten path can get some attention as well, hehe.



New demoscene things

I had some music released on the Zoo demoparty in Finland this weekend.

DiverSIDty #2 is a music disk with music by loads of people like Danko, Fegolhuzz, Flotsam and Shogoon. And me. You can download the file on CSDb and run it in a C64 emulator.

Skybox is a an impressive, noisy, stylish and eerie C64-demo made by the excellent Finnish demogroup Extend (and me). It’s all made in PETSCII, and plenty of it is made by Electric who I have worked with several times before. The demo is available in C64-format at CSDb.

Hey, unrelated but… You know what? In May next year it will be 30 years since I released my first demoscene thing?!

MDMOD Player by Titan

Titan has released a music disk for Sega Megadrive/Genesis with one of my songs. All the songs are Amiga modules, and there is a builder involved so you can create Sega ROMs with your own modules.

Check it out at Pouet or Demozoo.

aSCII eXPRESS issue 1

Wtf, a brand new diskmag from Up Rough and Divine Stylers that covers the Amiga ASCII and BBS scenes!? That basically lists charts from, total stats from all the active Amiga elite bulletin boards, and various other bits and pieces??

Of course!

I’ve been involved in the graphics and the music, working together with Dino, K-P and Spot. There’s also work from Dipswitch, Mortimer Twang, Sk!n and others. It’s clearly inspired by the Impure Express from last year, so do check that out as well.

It runs on Amiga 500 (or newer Amigas) and you can download it here. Also Pouet, Demozoo,…