I found this clip with a song I that I had completely forgotten about. It was released in the C64-production DiverSIDty #2 in 2022. Nice visualizers!


My little part for the C64-demo 50sixx-6 by Judas, to celebrate Sixx’s birthday. PETSCII-animation and SID-reggae, just the way you like it! The demo includes lots of indecent PETSCII by Dino, Jucke and Kerstin.


Me and my crew mates in Hack n’ Trade released a PETSCII-demo for C64 a while ago: LVLLVLtro. It was made for James, who codes the brilliant online PETSCII editor lvllvl. It features work by HT-members like Ray Manta, Jellica, Linde, me and Ant1. Guests include Jucke, Dino, Polyducks, Richard and Sire.

PS. This is the 809th post on this site. :>)

A ChatGPT-demo?!

Yes indeed, check this out! Still 93 by Divine Stylers and Style. It’s a demo made to feel like it’s from the 1990’s, coded by ChatGPT as instructed by dMG who is not a coder. Makes so much sense, right? :)

There is more info at the GitHub page. I made some of the music, Skope did the rest of the music. It came at 10th place at the Evoke demoparty, where I also released an ASCII/ANSI thing.


Skybox nominated for Meteoriks

Skybox, the C64-demo in PETSCII that Extend made with my music, has been nominated in the Meteoriks 2023. That’s the yearly awards for all things demoscene. I don’t think I’ve ever worked on something that was nominated, so that’s cool. It’s good that some stuff a bit off the beaten path can get some attention as well, hehe.