My music does not really got any reviews anymore. It didn’t happen a lot before either, but at least sometimes. Well, 2022 is kicking off nicely with a MUSIC REVIEW IN A BLOG. Yeah! 2022 takes the best of 2005? Maybe. Or. Yeah. Well, my music under review is actually from 2001 or even years before that if I’m being honest. See, I recently re-published my first cassette LO FI MONO FESTIVAL to Bandcamp, without even blogging about it OOOOh.  Listen to this:

“This is pretty short, but I wanted to include it because when I come at an album titled Lo Fi Mono Festival, I do not expect to have a good time. This was fun from the word go, far heavier on the “festival” than the “lo fo mono”. And that part’s not even that bad, really! This includes a couple video game covers, from Super Mario Land and the original Mega Man, and they sound great like this. So yeah, short but sweet, an unexpected hit. 8.5/10”

(they also reviewed Hardcore Family, but less enthusiastic)