Appearance at Aaron Swartz / Piratbyrån screenings

These two movies are screening today on the 21st of October. The first one about the American activist Aaron Swartz who in his fight for internet freedom ran out of steam and ended his own life. The other movie is by Geraldine Juárez and portrays the Bureau for Piracy's wild kopimi style. After these, I will do an improvised C64 show.

The event is organized by Doc Lounge Göteborg and happens at Bengans.

Data Klubb – Free Beer For Personal Data!

When the Piratbyrån-book was published, F.A.T also did the Data Klubb for which I submitted some personal data and filmed some. Also check out the great teletext stuff tele-F.A.T. Good stuff by Geraldine, Raquel and bigup2dance!

Wealth Transfer Piracy Power Bass Paranoid Statistics Trance

On August 28, Geraldine Juárez is showing her Wealth Transfer at Piracy Today - a London-exhibition by Hardcore Software. Geraldine made music based on the waveforms of stock market crashes, and I did a remix. It's like finance disco pop with equal amounts of total power bass and paranoid statistics trance. FACT mentioned this among 10 absurdly limited records.

> thecreatorsproject
> DAZEDdigital

Dataslav Performance Today

Today I do the DATASLAV performance, where I make music on command. Visitors fill in a form to request the style, and I make it happen in like 15 minutes. On the Amiga. The results are given out on floppy disk.

So I sit an an old police reception on Hisingen Island in Sweden. It's part of the Dataslöjd Summer Exhibition, together with Raquel Meyers and Geraldine Juárez.

F.A.T Award For My New Book!

OMG I won an award for my book - and it hasn't even been released yet! The book is called Computer Rooms and contains photos that people have taken of their computer rooms. If you want to see it as gear-pr0n you can, obviously, but it's more about the context of it. The messy IRLity, that very few people get to see. The material context of computer culture, if you will.

And now, Geraldine Juarez of the fresh F.A.T. Lab gave me an award for the book. And what an award! It's the F.A.T NIKA - "the fake Gucci of the fame economy" and "a 3D modelled object statuette, copied from Wikipedia images of the Greek Nike of Samothrace and Ars Electronica’s Golden Nica". Hooray!

The book was released and exhibited at CLICK Festival last weekend, and it will be available to order in a few days. Some minor errors that need to be fixed first. E-mail me if you want to be reminded. In the meantime:

> More about the NIKA at F.A.T.
> More about the book at CLICK