Remix for HENGE

HENGE’s Wanderlust 7″ is out now, with my remix is on the flip-side. It sold quite fast, so there are just a few copies left now.

If you’re in the UK; come see us play on the Wanderlust tour next month!


Remix for Makeup & Vanity Set

I made a remix of Makeup & Vanity Set’s song Information which was just released on the album Time. It’s probably not what you expect. ;>}

New Remix Out

I remixed Misty Mystic by Paladin Shield for their new cassette Road to Alchemy. Stream/buy on Bandcamp.

Maybe this style can be called Indie screw? It took just a few hours to do, and I’m quite satisfied with the hazy results. Smeary and spikey, crikey.

Wealth Transfer Piracy Power Bass Paranoid Statistics Trance

On August 28, Geraldine Ju├írez is showing her Wealth Transfer at Piracy Today – a London-exhibition by Hardcore Software. Geraldine made music based on the waveforms of stock market crashes, and I did a remix. It’s like finance disco pop with equal amounts of total power bass and paranoid statistics trance. FACT mentioned this among 10 absurdly limited records.

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