This was a surprise! A compilation with remixes of a song I made in 1997, which is in the it-doesnt-get-more-chip-than-this genre. Organized by Pingo, the italo-disco-movie-producer-radio-man. It’s available on iTunes, Spotify and all that stuff. Released by SouthPoleRadio.

Goto80 Mashed Up with … something

“almost incredible ***** this newness music style sucks real good, Mr Aug !” (youtube-comment)

Since first released in the C64-demo Sharp and my album Made on Internet, the song Cykonys went through a transformation in Entter’s Polycanyon 243313, which has now ended up in the video above. It’s an absurd mash-up in true disabled acid style. Thanks AugZF!

Defmon & Bits of Freedom

A re-destruction of the Dutch national anthem, meant to be performed at Hacking At Random 2009 for Bits of Freedom, the Dutch digital rights organization. Unfortunately I got sick and couldn’t attend, but this is the video of the rehearsal. The software is Defmon, and you can’t copy it. Wuao wuao wuao wuao wuuuaaaooo. Not so much improvisation in this one, except for the trashy solo at the end, but I’ll post more of those things later on.

V/A: Sonic Intifada (Marionette CD)

chip chip chip

08 Goto80 – Retirementology (Herv Remix/Rebuild)

A CD-compilation with hard stuff on Marionette Records, including for example Donna Summer, the Teknoist, Michael J Rocks, Uncle Bad Touch, Bee-Log, and also Herv‘s re-work of my song Retirementology. It’s a very nice rave-circus-pop piece, so get the CD or wait until it’s free. The original version of the song is not released yet, but it’s in this video. I’m saving it for my retirement.

Dubmood – Transregional des pyrenees (Goto80 Remix)

chip chip chip

04 Transregional des pyrenees (Goto80 Remix)

I made a remix of what Dubmood calls electro house, and turned it into a big chunk of rave train cheese! For those of you that like the English breakbeat rave-style from the early 1990s, this should be a good fix. It includes both 303s and ear-squeeking train horns used as melodies. Listen here and if you wanna buy it look for info here.