Kane West’s Acid Burger

This mix by Kane West (Steve/Kero Kero Bonito/PC Music) is full of acid and lo-fi goodness, and features one of the songs from my Acid Burger release. In case you missed it, it was a mini-DVD released in 2010 with audio and video, put in a McDonald’s cheeseburger, and shipped around the world with a varying degree of moldy success. The song comes in about 13 minutes into the mix.

Zyron DJ-set

Zyron mixes disco, funk, downtempo, groove, acid, house, stuff – including one of my songs from 80864. Enjoy!

New SID-mix

Akaobi, one of the few active Japanese C64-enthusiasts, has published a new mix where one of my songs is included. The mix has some really good techno/acid/dub-stuff by Mortimer Twang, Jammer, Raveguru, Mindflow, Zabutom & Aegis, TBB, Zyron, Ed, Randall, Jellica, etc.

> SID MIX for Jellica