Video of the Shadow Party Gig

Here’s the gig I made at Shadow Party yesterday. It’s pretty laidback with plenty of dubby dub dub.. bub bub…  I do both the music and the visuals (using the Moebius ASCII editor) so it was obviously not a real-time stream, hehe.

Live Stream Recording

How can I do do live ASCII and music at the same time? It’s a mystery!

So, this set starts off very ambient with some soon-to-be-released things, but then turns into acidic informer italo gabber. As usual. The “visuals” are just me bumming around in Moebius with as little brain power used as possible.

Made for Shadow Party.


My Set at Lovebyte

Here’s the live set I streamed at Lovebyte last week, a demoparty fully focused on coding things as small as possible (like, just a few bytes in some cases). They received more entries for the competitions than any demoparty has since Assembly 94 I think it was. Hooray! More is less?!

In the spirit of minimizing resources I did a downtempo set to avoid any overloads of the senses. Hehe, yeah right.


Bitscape Las Vegas

This is a streamed event from Las Vegas and I’m playing together with Ray Manta and Jellica (my fellow Hack n’ Trade dudes) as well as Beat Ratio and Gajtron. It’s 29 August and I’ll play in the early evening (European time). There will also be talks and stuff – check out the details here!

Here’s a recording of my thing: