Hey. Things are a bit slow. Sorry for cancelling my show in Falun, I think it’s the first show I’ve ever cancelled. I had my reasons… Anyway. Just found a nice review of my gig at En Festival i 8 Bitar a while ago: “The seventh artist, GoTo80, the biggest artist of the evening, was probably the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. The only attention I could give him was an irritating look and hands over my ears. The guy was only screaming a lot and gave me a headache. The fact that his name was so big mostly just made me upset. I definitely wanted to go home when he started playing. Luckily, he was the last artist of the evening. Score: 0 of 10” / Jenny

Photo of HT Gold exhibited at the central square of Copenhagen as part of re:new. It’s mega-modified game, running straight from C64. Sorry for disturbing your otherwise standard sunny afternoon of coffee, pölse, and “true indian music” – but the datatrash cannot be stopped! More photos here and here. And by the way, there is some pretty square theoretical chip-art stuff over at chipflip nowadays. Don’t miss out!