New Gameboy game with my music

Tower of Hanoi is a new Gameboy game, out now on cartridge. It’s a delicious remediation of the classic Tower of Hanoi math/puzzle game, and one of my songs is used as the in-game music. To be honest, it’s an old song (a version of Bongoloid) that I made some 15 years ago. But who cares about time? It’s all about the moves, and to make as few moves as possible. So I think I won the game already!

The game was coded by David Revelj, who goes under the demoscene name Dalton.

Rent-A-Cop Reloaded

I’ve made the music and sound effects for Rent-A-Cop Reloaded, a new and improved version of Rent-A-Cop released back in 2012. Everybody loves a good cop game, especially when the cop can do amphetamine to become invincible. It’s a simple no bullshit game, and also strangely addictive. Good stuff!

And with the soundtrack my starting point was sort of 70’s police suspense funk, and then move away from that. Or something.

Yeah and there’s also a cracked version with a trainer┬áif you’re into that kind of ILLEGAL stuff.

AR Cake Defense

Ok, I have no idea what this is. Except it’s an Android-game with my music in it. And it’s called AR Cake Defense.

Here’s the description:

Augmented Reality tower defense game.
Stop the bugs before they eat your cake! Place various towers along their path that will attack them. Improve the towers and kill them all before running out of dessert!

To play you will need to print the marker for the augmented reality. You can find it here: