HT Gold @ Konsthallen, Sandviken

HT Gold, a C64-game by me and Glenn Again, is now showing at Konsthallen in Sandviken, Sweden. They are also showing some prints from my book Computer Rooms. Also, I was supposed to play live there but had to cancel since, erhm, I mixed up the dates with Superbyte. If I have to blame something, I blame Canada.

Anyway, the exhibition PIXLIGT runs for a month so swing by and try it out. You won't be disappointed!

Photo by Rosa Menkman

Kung Fu Glitch @ Vector Festival

As part of Machiniglitch, curated by Isabelle Arvers, Kung Fu Glitch by me and Entter will be showing in a few weeks at Vector Festival in Toronto, Canada.

Kung Fu Glitch in Aix en Provence

Kung Fu Glitch, a little piece of C64-noise that me and Entter did in 2007, is currently showing at Gamerz Festival #09 in Aix en Provence, France. It's part of 44422435, which was basically an evening of audiovisual butchery in Bilbao. Sorry to everybody whose work we destroyed - you're welcome!

I'm not sure if this was before or after glitching games was cool. Or was it never cool? Always? I keep forgetting.

Watch Biggest Hockey Now!!!

YEAH! Jacob found a video recording of when HT Gold was big in Copenhagen. It's a C64-game that Autoboy and I destroyed and improved. He did the assembly-tinkering, I made the sounds and the world became a slightly better place.

Works @ FILE, Rio de Janeiro

I appear in three works shown at FILE festival in Brazil. Raquel Meyers' Retirementology and L-V–SC-LD-RTH-ND–TH. And also the old classic Kung Fu Glitch together with Entter.