V/A: The Low Times of Hi Fi (3.5″ Floppy @ Pharmacom)

A collection of ten 3.5" floppy disks, that comes in a vacuum cleaner bag. With music by me, Neotericz, Pharmacom, Duality Micro and Sascha Müller. I have about 20 songs on two disks, also including a video by Rosa Menkman. Most of the songs are in the MOD-format, but also a low-bit version of my Casio VL-tone song. Limited to 15 copies.

Rosa Menkman + Goto80 @ Media Playgrounds

I will make a very short performance during Rosa Menkman's talk at Media Playgrounds in Amsterdam on Saturday. Media Playgrounds takes place in several European cities, and presents creative ways of dealing with broadcast media by community media practitioners, professional and emergent artists. If you want to attend, you need to reserve a seat by e-mail. Read more about it here.

Accidents in Celluloid and Pixel

Filmmuseum Amsterdam has a Celluloid Remix Project for which Rosa Menkman made a video with my Arp2500-music. The first one is in colour (after a while), and the second one is black and white. Two other works by her, recently released in new versions, use music that I made under the name Extraboy aswell: Radio Dada and compress process.


090805: Goto80+Rosa Menkman @ Lisäelämä, Turku, fi

090806: Goto80 @ Assembly, Helsinki, fi

...and maybe something in Tampere organized by Swäg!

Flat Bit Party Thursday (.be)

LIVE: Cupp Cave, Goto80, Chantal Goret, and Peer
DJ: Fat Chance, Herrmutt Lobby
VJ: Rosa Menkman

Starts @ 21.00 @ Chaussée De Haecht @ 140 @ 1030 Brussels @ .be

Jamming, screaming, didgeridooing, televisioning, generating, glitching, eating, drinking... let's go!