Tour de

090508: Goto80 + Rosa Menkman @ Festen Party #2, Paris, fr. w/ Tom Woxom, Puyo Puyo

090509: Goto80 + Rosa Menkman @ Microparty vs Stunfest, Rennes, fr. w/ Tom Woxom, Divag, JDDJ3J, Gee'z Mo', Dr Von Pnok, Zombectro, Dedlay

090514: 8-bit SHARE @ iMal. w/ Goto80, Divag, Rosa Menkman, Chantal Goret, and more.

090515: Goto80 + Rosa Menkman @ Pixel Party, Liege, be. w/ Rotator, Droon, JDDJ3J, Mr Kindhoover, Boysgame, more.

090520: Goto80 & Cupp Cave Jam @ 48fm, Liege, be

090521: Goto80 + Rosa Menkman @ Flat Bit, Brussels, be. w/ Chantal Goret, Peer, Cupp Cave, Herrmutt Lobby, DJ Fat Chance

090522: Goto80 + Rosa Menkman @ My Bits Are So Chip, Annecy, fr. w/ Divag, Computer Truck, Dr Von Pnok, Zombectro

090523: Goto80 + Rosa Menkman @ Choco Pixel Regressiv' Party, Lyon, fr. w/ Computer Truck, Divag, The Cheat Code, Dedlay, Recodd, Dr Von Pnok, Zombectro, more.

Standing On The Shoulders of Giants #2

Following up the previous post, here is a remix of the videostream from Jacob Sikker Remin's exhibition by Rosa Menkman with another song of mine.

Eastern Fire Swim

Video thumbnail. Click to play

Click and video glitch watch! Rock and swim! Goto80+r00s strikes back. Video! Yes! Also check out this making-of video when I hugged bugs to compose (unfortunately without colours):


Marsch Dog, Barbies' knarkhund, Knarkdog! yeah yeah.. Video by Rosa Menkman. Check more here. The song was made in two hours and all the sounds are either from Rosa's mouth or dogs' mouths, except for the beats..