V/A: Hydorah – Original and Arranged Tracks (MP3 @ Bandcamp)

9. Robot Chase (Goto80 arrangement)

Hydorah is a new DIY schmup game. This is the soundtrack of the game by Locomalito, with remixes by Minusbaby, me, Pocket Groovy and many more. Raquel Meyers also made a video for my track (below). More info here.

V/A: Short Attention Span (Methodist Leisure MP3)

do you like?

01 Goto80 - Hey! Hey! Hey!

Yipee, a refreshing compilation of not-so-digital-at-all music. Methodist Leisure releases a compilation of 51 mini-songs in mostly punk/lofi/rock flavour from e.g. Gay Beast, Japanther, Koji Kondo (!)C:, Best Fwends, Barf Bag, the Death Set, Mutators, the Sneezes. Free download

Appearance @ Swedish childrens TV tonight

Tonight at 19.30 Goto80 and Skuggan will perform on Swedish TV (Barnkanalen). It's an Idol / Talent Hunt kind of show, where the crowd and jury consist of 10 year old children. So don't miss honest critique, castrate vegetable action, and data rock confusion! I'm guessing it will be ripped and shared soon enough ...

Get the video of it as torrent or on youtube. Download the full song (which we were not allowed to perform) here

Punk Potemkin

For those of you around at Malmöfestivalen August 15-22, on the last day Superdöner and Special Guests will perform a live soundtrack to the old propagandoid Russian silent movie Battleship Potemkin, whose montage work had quite an impact on movie making. And A/V propaganda. It's free, and we promise that we will do things right enough to make it worthwhile, and wrong enough for people to see what punk is all not about! Not.


Religious Chip Rock

Another new genre is born: Religious Chip Rock. Check it out at labelable before it's too late to think it's too late. It's C64, microphone, and reverb. And some overdubbbbing. And weird secret software from my secret contemplating dataman. As usual the philosophy is first-recording-is-best-recording.

Goto80 - Religious Chip Rock