Festival, Exhibition, Rock, Ears!

Busy bikini!

Friday: En Festival i 8 Bitar - a two-day festival in Västerås (SE) with artists such as Paza Rahm, Dubmood, Psilodump, VJ C-men, Cornbeast, Maskinoperatör, me, and many more!

Saturday: "49 CM" @ mikrogalleriet, Copenhagen. An exhibition with good data stuff! Exhibiting: autoboy+goto80, 8bit klubben, tanja stasia schlander, hannes hoelzl (de), mikkel meyer, casper øbro, graffiti robotten hector (lab), humdinger (can), tony light (it), :ö: (se), otolab (it), raquel meyers (es), elmer.o (fr), johnny rogers (us), el monstro (col), miruki (bel), hanniballade, sekitani (jp), tobi twang. Don't miss out! Superdöner plays live at the afterparty @ apparratet, nørrebrogade 184.

Sunday: Superdöner live @ Elvaerket, Helsingör, DK

Goto88 and The Sunshine Band Live in Israel!

The Return of the Dead Mongos Operation Night!


Goto88 and the sunshine band: true melodic bimbos grind/gore

D9: good old motherfucker anti-shitting noisecore

the werner alarm: death boys band

אכזבות': peace and love heavymetalcore

מועדון הפטיפון, יצחק שדה 32 תל אביב יום חמישי 21:00 ה- 18.10

Update 071028: video available here

Superdöner In The Jungle

Superdöner, the mega data rock bröt band I'm in, will have a release party for our new 7" single In The Jungle on the 8th of June in Gothenburg. As usual, Superdöner will top our previous gigs along with music from Astroburger, drawings by Robert Nilsson, cheap booze and the usual dirty döner style. I will also do a gig in Jörlanda at Compusphere the same night, so if anybody is driving a car, then send me a fax and just maybe this will work out!


Diego, the King of Blow-Fi

If you're into lo-fi pop, then you can listen to Diego. I backed him up for an evening, and we recorded 8 vodka-induced songs. I used piano, siel mono, boxes and a megaphone.


Data Garten Röck!

Me and Entter destroy Sweden! Enjoy this data buskis death metal art piece!

Song available on the mega compilation 8BP050!