G L O S O N is a 90-minute album that follows S T A L L O with hazy, slow, eerie and dreamy music, mostly jammed out on Commodore 64. It features collaborations with Sophomore and once again Akai Selzer. There is also more TR-808, Electribe ER-1 and Renoise in G L O S O N compared to S T A L L O. Yep. There will be at least one more tape in this series, so stay hungry for the friendly fluffy ear twisters!

> Listen and get the cassette at Bandcamp


S T A L L O is a 110-minute album with hazy, slow, eerie and dreamy music, mostly jammed out on Commodore 64. You can see how that jamming happens in the video below for Bilin.

A few shout outs to the people involved: Akai Selzer who spent 2 days jamming with me in Frankfurt, Jacob Remin who helped the robot to do a new live version of Synkex, which opens S T A L L O (and was also used in Korridoren, made with Björn Bengtsson), Paul Cousins who did the remix of Stures Bröd, Bob Nimbe for the VR goat video and Dubmood who did the layout.

If you like this kind of stuff, there's good news. This album is actually the first in a series that's coming out on Data Airlines soon. They'll all be in a somewhat similar vein. If you don't want to miss out just subscribe to the RSS-feed of this blog. Lol, I know, only freax like me subscribe to RSS. Uh, so, either follow my newsletter or my Bandcamp account. Everything else is a scam.

> Listen and get the cassette at Bandcamp


Robot Jam Ljubljana

An improvised set with the robot at osmo/za/Ljudmila in Ljubljana last month. Not our best session ever, but that's the magic of improv, eyöh?

Live Jam with Kodek

Here's a video of me and Kodek performing at Erica Synths Garage last weekend (about 68 minutes in). It definitely has its moments, thanks to zero preparations. Don't miss the performances by BR Laser and Jacob Remin earlier in the same clip! Okay?

Sweet <3 for my Def Jam

Last weekend I was in the Netherlands to play at the X'2018 C64 fiesta, and the lovely Gifgrond in Tilburg. I played a fully improvised set, where I start completely from scratch and make all the instruments and composingz as I go along.

Yeah I Know It Sucks had some very nice things to say about my performance. This approach was so unique and friendly, totally unique and exposed; where normally a lot of electronic musicians hide behind their desk, Goto80 showed the polar opposite. [..] He had nothing to hide, didn’t come out all the way from Sweden to play a game of digital patience or check out his emails; he sincerely laid himself and his music process bare, naked in front of you with astonishing music as a result.

Thanks for that! Feels particularly pleasing since I'm working on an album of C64-improvs at the moment. That will be out next year, after I release another album that I'm working on...

So many albums, so little shirbums.