New releases at Datastorm

I released some stuff at the Göteborgian demo-party Datastorm. As Goto80 I made Linkan (C64-song – darkish electro(nica)dub-tronica), Dubskvaller4 (wonky reggae-funk Amiga-song), Acid Burger (C64-demo, PETSCII and acid glitch) and all episodes of Bit För Bit (video). I may or may not have contributed to “the worst C64-demo ever“, SNPFCT3, Sommarfunk, Command Center and something by Christer Ganjabladh. No hits this year – strictly anti-1337!

Also, Jucke performed a DJ-set with C64-music (w/ Seratos), which includes several songs by me. Recommended!

World Domination Xmas Mix 2009

The Deuce Project presents a christmas mix with my good ol’ cover of Last Christmas, made on Casionova’s C64 in Melbourne a couple of years ago (or maybe it was future_eater’s?). Anyway, this mix is a great combination of odd music and not in that wannabe-eclectic-kind-of-way, but “generally dorky”. Bruce Haack, Señor Tonto, Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra, Gulag Picture Radio, and my old disco favourite Meco. It’s an honour to be in this. Right? Yes/No/Noise.

Get it!

Bass Chiptune Mix by Cow’p

Ah! One of the the very top people in the dub/ragga/reggae corner of the chiptune square-room is the Japanese Cow’p. He just released a dj set with bleepy reggae/ragga/dub stuff, including my C64-song Ajvar Relish. Also includes for example Bitmuch, Big-chip, Cow’p, Zabutom, Meneo, Dubmood, Unicorn Kid, etc. Get the mix and tracklist here. (via 8bc) or buy it (?) here.

And here’s something else:

33-minute Mix of Old Electronix

I made a little trashy mix with 33 minutes of old electronic music, mostly from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Artists such as Tom Dissevelt, Raymond Scott, Delia Derbyshire, and Max Mathews. Turns out you can’t download it though, so the search continues for a way to offer other people’s music for download legally…

Off Beat CIA

The Belgian collective Herrmutt Lobby released a mix to celebrate their new album (which includes careful inclusion of FM and SID sounds). It’s hip-hop, off-beat, p-funk, and bleeps here and there. It includes my song Cia Timing (from son of music) and also Dr Vector is in there! Check this out, and don’t be surprised to hear some collaborations with these people in the future. We had some good jamming sessions in Brussels…


Into the Ascii Ghetto

377 days ago I told you about the DJ-mix Ascii Ghettoblaster by Deceptikon. I thought I’d let you know that it’s now available for free download somewhere. The song is Emanation Machine, remixed by Rivel, and it fits well with the slow electronic hipetihop of the whole mix.