Reasonably Sound Radio Show

The 30th episode of Reasonably Sound has a special on chipmusic, and opens with an Amiga-song I made when I was still a teenager. It might be a bit heavy on the nostalgia and the limitations, but it’s apparently a good listen. I haven’t listened to it yet because I’m on a month-long diet from sound.

Reasonably Sound #30: Bits and Chips

Acidic DJ-mix in Cosmos

Joakim Cosmo, veteran DJ and PETSCII-guru, delivers yet another slow acid DJ-mix, this time featuring two of my songs. Early in the mix is Conny’s Boots mixed together with some nice C64-acid by Raveguru, and some other things. And at the end is an unreleased song of mine, an acid version of the Swedish classic “Sommaren är kort”.

All the songs in the mix was made in Sweden. “I want to show that despite of the hard globalization of electronic dance music, the local styles have survived, because they are affected by, and linked to the environments in which they are produced.”

And btw, in a few days I’m visiting mr. Cosmo to jam with our new project.

Mix with Divag for Words on Tracks

Me and Divag made this 1-hour mix with bleepy rocky noisy party stuff sort of. Enjoy! It ended up #1 in the IDM (!) charts at Mixcloud. Here’s the tracklist and our words:

“1- 00:00 [goto80] – Portsmouth Sinfonia – Also Sprach Zarathustra

A sinful start of skills and thrills in reverse, this is a good start for any champion event! It’s actually played by professional musicians, but something seems a bit off?.

2- 01:01 [divag] – Felix Kubin – Die Kulturelle Revolution

In order that this mix changes the world, it have to be kind of revolutionary ! And I can’t make a mix without a Felix Kubin track… so it’s done.

3- 04:33 [goto80] – Richard Hayman – Dansero

Any revolution must be followed by a romantic robot dance. The album that this song is from should probably be discovered by more people. My neighbour brainwashed me with this when I was a teenager.

4- 07:22 [divag] – Apparat Organ Quartet – Romantika

Let’s continue our romantical trip in space ? All this melodic music is played live by this Island band, i saw them on stage, but i’m not sure they are not robots…

5- 11:52 [goto80] – Gelbart – Dish washing (organ remix)

And we fall back and relax in dish water with sweet robot commands. Gelbart has an impact on life!

6- 15:28 [divag] – Goto 80 – Papaya Coconut

In the mood to listen the best rasta commodore robot stuff that i know. Goto 80 is a big artist for me but i can’t tell you more here… just listen his music if you want a better life.

7- 18:57 [goto80] – Sandro Müntzing – Tankeläsare

Another song with Swedish vocals, this one about mind reading. Sandro has made some pretty wild pop releases with top notch lyrics and hooks.

8- 23:08 [divag] – Kevin Blechdom – Invisible Rock

Amour Amour ! It’s more that ten years that Kevin Blechdom always surprised me with his music going from freaky electronic noize to crazy musical comedy clubbing.

9- 26:04 [goto80] – Harry Forbes – Digits

Electric easy listening from the 1980’s or business music from the future?

10- 27:46 [divag] – Les Trucs – Skipping the rope

A little wake up after this perfect ballade. I had a time i listened this track every morning, punchy mornings, good days. Something to do is to see Les Trucs on stage, this german band is just awesome.

11- 30:26 [goto80] – Inferno Bajskorv – Shit Mule

These Göteborg teletext rebels have only made one release so far, but it’s spot on delicious like a good Boston meal.

12- 32:29 [divag] – Max Tundra – Cakes

Let’s eat some cakes on this, waiting the more happy of all the trumpets. Max Tundra makes very sophisticated music as a maniac, always surprising…

13- 35:54 [götö8Ö] – I Love 69 Pop Geju – Ko?ák

This song is the most important remnant of MySpace for me. Stuck with me ever since.

14- 39:38 [dïväg] – R.U.N.I. – La marcia della merce marcia

I know this band only by the album of this track, just zinzin and happy. Thanks to the white monkey that gave me this disc !

15- 43:54 [gótO8o] – Harry Merry – Endless stream of floats

Hitch hiking and stuff cool

16- 46:55 [d!v4g] – De!Nial – Tokyo dance school

Let’s party, crazy singing ! Makes me think of Michel Bertier’s voice for sure…

17- 49:24 [gOtOBo] – Ween – Awesome Sound

Impossible not to like this!

18- 51:44 [d|v@g] – Barom One – The Karaoke Song

I hope you like happy endingz ! Cheerz ! You can find in this music something of Gordon Strombola i think…”


Dear Data mix for Ouiedire

A 60-minute mix with music I like, released at Ouiedire. It’s got a bit of everything, from the 50’s on to today. A lot of it was made with lo-fi gear. There’s IDM and ambient made with Gameboy Advance, italo and pr0n-funk and nipple rave made with Amiga, skweee and indie pop made with Gameboy, 1950’s computer music, and assembler rap, MacGyver beats, acid, organ orgasms, top gun chip, atari war propaganda, and so on. Yeah, and the bits of 50’s Swedish computer sounds are from an obscure Datasaab recording…

Check the full playlist and listen.

> Check the other mixes at Ouiedire.

New Album Preview

Files in Space is out on Sunday! 13 brainblasting songs from smart-soft to stoopid-hard, with bombastic FM megamix pool party stompers inbetween. Teletext techno, skanör electro, amiga rock, skweee, monster pop, dinosaur drone, and so on.

Here’s a 5-minute mash-up of all the songs (and data) on the album. It’s a cassette and “digital download”, released at Data Airlines. Don’t miss out!

Big <3 to iLKke for the design.

aanaaanaaanaaana’s Manifesto Mix

aanaaanaaanaaana has made this mix and released it at NTWRK, and it’s som pretty freak-guud stuff. And some of my things. That “Pump up the Warez” song was made in 1997 but is still as fresh as 1988..

00:00 – DJ Krython D – Waves of Ecstasy
01:03 – aanaaanaaanaaana – 2132
02:34 – nq – 15+5
02:58 – Paza – Moduless
04:06 – aanaaanaaanaaana – Vijbild Camel
04:38 – Goto80 – Pump Up The Warez
05:33 – Lil B – Fuck KD
05:43 – Josstintimberlake – ODB vs C64
07:06 – Bruno – Hits-90 v2
07:58 – aanaaanaaanaaana – Dan
10:05 – aanaaanaaanaaana – Vijbild Duck
10:17 – Bit Shifter – Reformat The Planet x Boredoms – Acid Police
11:51 – aanaaanaaanaaana – Men Are From Mars So Why Don’t They Go Back there
11:35 – Dizzy – Lompakko
12:45 – aanaaanaaanaaana – Men Are From Mars So Why Don’t They Go Back there
13:11 – Dizzy – Lompakko
13:43 – Africanboy – LIDL
15:35 – I, Cactus – Green Cactus
18:01 – aanaaanaaanaaana – Wabbly Moonlet x Iggy Azalea – My World
18:59 – Lil B – Fuck KD
19:10 – Goto80 and Raquel Meyers – Animal Romantics (Amiga Version)
20:14 – aanaaanaaanaaana – Ceremonial Sword
21:22 – Alex Mauer – Superball
23:55 – Goto80 and Acid Terrorist – Sword Step
26:14 – Lil Wayne – Go DJ (ant1 remix)
26:31 – Jim Johnston – Scotty 2 Hotty Titantron
27:24 – aanaaanaaanaaana – Ronald Sighs

Jucke’s Experimental Up Rough Show

This is a DJ-set by Jucke, mixing together material from Up Rough members like Qwan, Yoki, Dipswitch, Elusive and me. Released at Bit Jam, it continues a series of Up Rough mixes. Illustration here by Raquel Meyers, logo by Spot.

Very well mixed by Jucke as usual. And if nothing else, a good way to discover Qwan’s fantastic Amiga music.