Vandalism News #55

Vandalism News is a diskmag – a unique journalistic format for the demoscene. This issue is a tribute to the C64-musician Intensity who passed away recently. It features one ambient song by me, and one more electro. Also includes music by eg Jammer, Zardax, Maktone and other things by Ed and Joe of Wrath Designs. You can read about Danish C64-cracking in the early 80s, boozing with SID-music, the rules about first releases, etc.

New releases at Datastorm

I released some stuff at the Göteborgian demo-party Datastorm. As Goto80 I made Linkan (C64-song – darkish electro(nica)dub-tronica), Dubskvaller4 (wonky reggae-funk Amiga-song), Acid Burger (C64-demo, PETSCII and acid glitch) and all episodes of Bit För Bit (video). I may or may not have contributed to “the worst C64-demo ever“, SNPFCT3, Sommarfunk, Command Center and something by Christer Ganjabladh. No hits this year – strictly anti-1337!

Also, Jucke performed a DJ-set with C64-music (w/ Seratos), which includes several songs by me. Recommended!

Storm Rave ST-01

I released a lo-fi + lo-fi (lo-fi) song at the Kindergarden dance music competition: STORM RAVE. It ended up as #4 in the compo. That seems fair.

It was made with mostly (only?) sounds from ST-01 and ST-02 (that means Amigaaaaa 1987), and encoded in 80kbps to hide the lamer sound of Renoise. Lol-yeah-ölollö!

Also performed live and was interviewed by one of the authors of MusicLine (best ‘chip’-tracker, except for LSDj and Defmon?). Find the recordings on “internet”.

Datastorm Victims

Datastorm is a new copy party in Göteborg, Sweden organized mostly by my partners in Amiga crime in Up Rough. It features people that drink 100 beers and lose their driver’s license, and people who make MP3-decoders for C64. I made a new C64-song at the party called TECHNO AHA which might be a joke with German minimal techno. Also released the Amiga demo New-D with Otro which I was very pleased with (not online yet). Also did two other releases under other names, but you’ll have to figure out what that was yourself. Fake-releases? No, because all my releases are fake.

Some stuff I liked especially (get them here at some point)

Everything by Otro : )
Frantic – Birdburner (C64-music)
Jucke – När jag var liten påg (C64-music)
Judas – Liseberg (PETSCII graphics)
Qwan – Miles to go (Amiga-music)
Bajtek & Manload – Durex is free (Amiga-music)
Mahoney – C64MP3 (C64-demo)

Little Computer People 2009

I was at Little Computer People 2009 – the largest 8-bit demoparty in Scandinavia for 15 years, with about 150 people.

I was happy to win first prize with Automatas in the C64-music competition. I spent the week before at the countryside, composing a song specifically to win the compo according to my algorithm. But after a while I gave up to make a good song instead. So obviously my algorithm was wrong. It is an 8x-speed song made in Defmon, meaning that it accesses the SID-chip 8 times faster than usual. This gives you a higher resolution of all the tables, faster slides and LFOs, etc.

In the Amiga music compo, I came second last with my song Konkurs Data. The sounds used are mostly textfiles, pictures, executables, etc – sweet data that Protracker eats perfectly. It is not the recipe for winning demoscene competitions.

Some of the releases I enjoyed especially was the Amiga songs by Yonx and Qwan (mp3s), Zabutom’s Space Fish, Mortimer Twang’s Seved Skweeeeeeeee, Jucke’s Where is Dino?, LFT’s Power Ninja Action Challenge (custom hardware, mp3 here), and many more! Get all the releases and photos

Fairlight: My Beauty

Another piece of tasty data poetry action (aka C64-demo) by Hollowman and me, released at X’2008 last weekend. My Beauty. It ended up at 5th place after four demos with coder porn (ie some really impressive new or improved demo effects). I tried my best to make a cute song, but it got a bit weird (at the end of the day). Gotowomb! Rumours has it this is Hollowman’s last demo, please convince him he’s wrong.

mazemod radio

Mazemod is a new net radio with hot Amiga music! Acid, bass, and chip! Check it! This is an Amiga1200-intro by Otromatic with my song “fekk” (here played in an emulator so the bass is a bit mangled, for those that care). I also made a playlist with some of my favourite Amiga tunes a while ago – check the playlist-section, yeaaahoo!


Mazemod is an internet radio that just got online, and serves us some of the freshest Amiga music out there. (and some new fresh design by otro aswell) I made a playlist with some of my favourite Amiga tunes out there, with the thought of showcasing some different styles of Protracker music. It includes 4-mat, Skope, Shout, Qwan, Niemo, Mortimer Twang, Loonie, Heatbeat, Groo, Duz, Dune, Bruno, Bit Arts, Audiomonster, 911, XTD. So relax – it’s pretty normal music this time! Muhahahahaaaa! Now go pack yourself.

Oh, and better not miss the Amiga intro announcing the release! Killer shit from Otro+Goto80, the duo of drum’n’radio! (it is demomania! the biggest sin in the amiga nerdoscene!)

Lamers in the Night

HELLO. Back from this year’s LCP, hanging out with the C64 elite boys, trying to be friends although everybody is just there to win the compos. Hehe. Lately (as in the last years) I haven’t really been up to the challenge of making those winning songs anymore. The tunes I make at demoparties are usually a bit weirder. So bare with me..

Goto80 – Ponky my C64-song, got #3 in the competition. It’s some kind of dub-blues-rock, or something? Made on a 6581 but sounds best on 8580. The C64-emulator VICE does a pretty good job with this. Or, you can check out the ultra-sloppy remixes: MP3#1 and MP3#2.

Made music for two Amiga releases: Otro’s announcement intro for Mazemod – which is an online Amiga radio channel. (not yet really online though, hehe) And yeah, also made a quick’n’dirty module for the new DUREX release: The Message.

Me and Frantik also did a live-set that might pop up online sooner than Pat Boone. Or Bryan Adams. In the meantime you should definitely check out this youtube-clip – recorded in the middle of the first night of LCP… while you were sleeping, losers! Goto80 + Frantik – Summer of 64

More about LCP here


Some pretty trashy uploads to

Goto80 – Bull i Bit
Goto80 – Baggis (8kbps Doublespeed Error)
Goto80 – Fishbabe
Goto80 – Foros (Volume Rimixi)
Goto80 – g80raggatest1b