Dansa In Video

A story with pirates, sloths and sex told completely in text graphics and chipmusic. A blocky and brutal visual aesthetic synchronized with explosives, drunken funk and computer screams. All made in 44 kilobytes, to be executed by a Commodore 64 and its colourful ASCII-alternative called PETSCII.

Shown at UCLA Game Art Festival, competed at the Datastorm demoparty and is available as C64 executable here.

Visuals by Raquel Meyers, audio by Goto80 and coding by Johan Kotlinski.

Shown at Net Artist Music Videos in London (2013), UCLA Game Art, Los Angeles (2013).

Sloths, Sex and Pirates

Our new C64-demo Dansain was presented at the Datastorm copy party last weekend. It’s a pirate story told in text graphics, tightly integrated with the audio. There’s explosions and sloths, boats and bars, sex and dancing – everything you need! For now there’s no video, but I’ll post it soon enough.

It received some very good criticism at the party. Good to get applauses and screams from an audience that appreciates the effort and the format. Quite different to pop/art where results & concept is so dominant.

On the other hand, the aesthetic conservatism of the scene is not exactly fresh, lol. But I guess it’s what keeps it together. All the way to its death! Oh well, enjoy the demo. It was very much inspired by Lennart Hellsing.

In the Name of the Sword

Acid Terrorist (graphics), Goto80 (sound), Linde (code). Released at LCP 2011. Please download and watch this on C64 & CRT screen, because it’s impossible to capture it. All graphics made in PETSCII, which hopefully won’t be the new hipster thing (is it already?).


C64-demo by Acid T*rroreast, Mathman and me. Released at Datastorm 2012. This was recorded with a crap device so if you can, download and watch it on a C64 with CRT-screen and new SID-chip. Also check out other text art I’ve been involved with here.


Another LCP has passed. A good one, as usual. I brought a C64 with what I thought was a broken SID-chip. I thought that I’d finally destroyed it despite the magical SID CONDOM that Mogwai built and gave to me 3 years ago. My idiot-trick was to take out the cartridge while the computer is on. But not even that killed the SID. The SID CONDOM is the shit (but Mogwai doesn’t have time to build you one – haha pilutta dig).

My official releases were:

> Matsamöt – an ambient song with a beat. It was voted as one of the worst tunes, which can be a very good thing! It will be featured in the next release at Chipflip.

> In the name of the Sword – an epic text mode demo by Linde, Acid Terrorist and me. Sort of similar to the Acid Burger demo.

And some other things I liked:

> Rambo. A chronicle of.. – Twoflower’s identical copy of the title-pic from the old Rambo-game. Although it’s visually identical, the stored data is completely different, due to the way that the C64’s stores pixels. It “is” not the same picture.

> 2011 – A press space odyssey – an unfinished demo with the strange progressive oldskool style that only Offence delivers.

> Fire – Joe’s winning picture and it’s well nice!

Blow Me! More Hits For Kids LP

Up Rough has spent years on porting our musicdisk system to modern Amiga-environments. Now it’s finally done so here’s another LP! If you have things like AmigaOS4 and MorphOS you wanna get this file. But if you’re the kind of person who has a normal Amiga, get this. There are songs by Skope, Blade, Varthall and me.

Vandalism News #55

Vandalism News is a diskmag – a unique journalistic format for the demoscene. This issue is a tribute to the C64-musician Intensity who passed away recently. It features one ambient song by me, and one more electro. Also includes music by eg Jammer, Zardax, Maktone and other things by Ed and Joe of Wrath Designs. You can read about Danish C64-cracking in the early 80s, boozing with SID-music, the rules about first releases, etc.

New releases at Datastorm

I released some stuff at the Göteborgian demo-party Datastorm. As Goto80 I made Linkan (C64-song – darkish electro(nica)dub-tronica), Dubskvaller4 (wonky reggae-funk Amiga-song), Acid Burger (C64-demo, PETSCII and acid glitch) and all episodes of Bit För Bit (video). I may or may not have contributed to “the worst C64-demo ever“, SNPFCT3, Sommarfunk, Command Center and something by Christer Ganjabladh. No hits this year – strictly anti-1337!

Also, Jucke performed a DJ-set with C64-music (w/ Seratos), which includes several songs by me. Recommended!