PET.CORP’s video for We call it SJ

The dynamic PETSCII-duo PET.CORP has done it again! This time it's a video for We call it SJ that you can find on tape and vinyl.

Pukkelpop in Belgium

Hey, you know Pukkelpop? It's Belgium's second biggest festival, I've been told? I will be there this year to make some stuff in the E-rena.

Me and Jacob Remin will premiere the new Infinite Acid Machine, which is the robots making acid! That is, they will be controlling a 303 and a drum machine, instead of the boring C-64. We will also do a talk about all this robot-y stuff. Yeeeep.

And with PET.CORP I will perform a live show with me doing my chip rave acid thing whatever, and PET.CORP doing their so super yummy textmode PETSCII visuals. They are amazing, and I'm not bad, so together we are OK++!

See you där!

(uh, we will of course not play on some mega stage like this, but in a cool big tent instead)

Live w/ PET CORP @ SEC-T, Stockholm

Me and PET CORP will perform an A/V set at Club SEC-T in Stockholm, 15 September. It's a free event and we are scheduled for 21:30 so don't be late!

More info

Exhibition in Hong Kong w/ PET.CORP

Some documentation from the exhibition by PET.CORP and me at Spaceblanket in Hong Kong. Photos by and videos by nickoletsgo (except for shirbum and the robot).



More info and documentation at PET.CORP's site.

Live in Hong Kong w/ PET.CORP

Me, the robot and PET.CORP will do an audiovisual live set at Spaceblanket in Hong Kong on March 2! It's part of an exhibition by PET.CORP and it also involves a celebration of our Shirbum album+shirt project.

More info here.