Works @ FILE, Rio de Janeiro

I appear in three works shown at FILE festival in Brazil. Raquel Meyers' Retirementology and L-V–SC-LD-RTH-ND–TH. And also the old classic Kung Fu Glitch together with Entter.

Ajvar Relish

Entter made a video with the notorious PXL2000 camera! Cassette dub rock n roll at its best.

Goto80+Entter: _2_4X4 (Audiovisual Theorem, MP3+AVI)

01 Pingkann Abyss
02 Fjor
03 Dub of Dubmood's Dub
04 Underscore
05 Phracking
06 King's Ear Jam
07 Polygonal Canyon 243313

The November release is on the Spanish label Audiovisual Theorem, and has something to do with techno but it's not really that obvious. It's more dark than happy and more experimental than normal. It includes both funk, acid, electro, ambient, buggy dub, house and noise - but somehow it's all techno!? The video "Polygonal Canyon 243313" which me and Entter released at the Main07-party is also relased here, and it's some sort of noisy machinima experiment that you will most likely enjoy. More info here and complete archive here. Hello goodbye!

Goto80: Bortabra (II mp3)

01 cannibal animal
02 drunken ambient
03 wallpaper jam
04 technoparty15min
05 wallpaper extraboy remix

This is 5 songs in 55 minutes, ambient/electronica style. Check it here and download here. WALLPAPER JAM is live improvisation with one c-64, 30 patterns of notes and 16 instruments that was programmed before the improvisation. It was made for the opening of coda museum's wallpaper exhibition in the netherlands, september 2007. I performed the music and Raquel Meyers did the visuals, based on wallpapers. TECHNOPARTY15MIN was made in 15 minutes. Then i pressed record and jammed with what i had done. CANNIBAL ANIMAL was made in renoise while chatting about cannibal animals. DRUNKEN AMBIENT is a good night of c64-jamming through some effects. No re-recording, pure error style. WALLPAPER EXTRABOY REMIX was actually started before WALLPAPER JAM but then turned into a remix. Yeah yeah wow wow! Cover art by Entter.

Goto80: Made On Internet (Pingipung CD)

01 Microcolorado (feat Raquel Meyers)
02 TV-Gamer
03 Error Energy
04 Mölndal by Night (But Also By Day)
05 Happy Daze
06 Sweat Burn Touch Feel
07 Afternorm
08 Out of Way
09 Best of the West (featuring Acid Terrorist)
10 I've Forgotten More Than You'll Ever Know (Dub)
11 Cykonys
+ data content

Yesh yesh! 11 tracks, 3 videos and super karaoke part - the new Goto80 album is out now on Pingipung">Pingipung! This is the best thing I've made so far! Distributed by Kompakt and A-Musik to stores and webshops. Buy the CD or download the mp3:s at Klicktrack. Cover art by Ekta and Habib and digital design by Entter. Prelisten here and come to the release concert in Marseille Data Airlines Festival on Novemberthe 3rd! Get super special signed copies and see Entter go crazy with visual contents from the data track of the CD!

> 8/10 in Foxy Digitalis: "This is promising fun for the whole family (maybe not the videos with pixeled adult content), so if you´re in for a slightly wack house party, “Made on Internet” is just the right thing."

> 8/10 in VICE Germany: "Seit ich dem Chef von PingiPung LSD verkauft habe, ist das Label nicht mehr dasselbe. Nicht, dass ich mir Sorgen mache."

> Warpmart: "A fantastic album that falls somewhere between the frenetic rhythms of Duran Duran Duran and the lunatic acid mutations of Ceephax. One for you degenerate coin-op perverts."