Dubmood – Transregional des pyrenees (Goto80 Remix)

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04 Transregional des pyrenees (Goto80 Remix)

I made a remix of what Dubmood calls electro house, and turned it into a big chunk of rave train cheese! For those of you that like the English breakbeat rave-style from the early 1990s, this should be a good fix. It includes both 303s and ear-squeeking train horns used as melodies. Listen here and if you wanna buy it look for info here.

Dubmood Goto80 Zabutom

Yeah, so I made a melody for a Dubmood song and it's now released in this EP over at Jahtari: Atari-Ska L'Attakk. We recorded it as I was playing it live on the C64-keyboard, but apparently the dirty monster filter glitch jams of the C64 didn't go well with the digital cleanliness of the Atari (hehe?) because Dubmood tracked it instead and made it clean. Here is the song anyway:

Dubmood, Goto80, Zabutom: dbug CD197

The Toilet Show

Yesterday I had a gig in a toilet. Dubmood too. It was great!

(hawaiian hairless)