Two Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty-One Days Part 1

Two Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty-One Days Part 1 is a video work by Björn Bengtsson with a soundtrack by me. It's now showing in Tokyo as part of the Sumida EXPO 2022.

"The work is a 40-minute-trance-inducing-high-speed-slideshow/video with a dark, lush soundscape by Goto80, installed in an empty nagaya (old wooden Shōwa period house) in the Kyojima neighborhood."

> Exhibition period: October 1 - 24
> Venue: Uradana Tonari, 3-57-8 Kyojima, Sumida, Tokyo
> Opening hours: 10 am - 6 pm

Synkex Volvox Video

C64-song remixed live by a robot at Internetdagarna. Video made in a military training simulator together with Björn Bengtsson for Korridoren. The song is available in S T A L L O.

Goat VR Ambient

This is (a goat-edited version of) the song Efuwefh from the album S T A L L O in a VR-video made by Bob Nimbe for Korridoren, an exhibition by me and Björn Bengtsson, alright?


S T A L L O is a 110-minute album with hazy, slow, eerie and dreamy music, mostly jammed out on Commodore 64. You can see how that jamming happens in the video below for Bilin.

A few shout outs to the people involved: Akai Selzer who spent 2 days jamming with me in Frankfurt, Jacob Remin who helped the robot to do a new live version of Synkex, which opens S T A L L O (and was also used in Korridoren, made with Björn Bengtsson), Paul Cousins who did the remix of Stures Bröd, Bob Nimbe for the VR goat video and Dubmood who did the layout.

If you like this kind of stuff, there's good news. This album is actually the first in a series that's coming out on Data Airlines soon. They'll all be in a somewhat similar vein. If you don't want to miss out just subscribe to the RSS-feed of this blog. Lol, I know, only freax like me subscribe to RSS. Uh, so, either follow my newsletter or my Bandcamp account. Everything else is a scam.

> Listen and get the cassette at Bandcamp


Reviews of Korridoren

This weekend is your last chance to check Korridoren, one of the top five things to do according to the local newspaper!