ASCII Graffiti @ Internetdagarna

Made these two ASCII graffitis during Internetdagarna in Stockholm. ASCII in the morning, robot in the evening. Phew!

Maybe these should actually be called ANSI graffiti by now, with all those colour blocks? Hm...

ASCII Graffiti at Truckstop Alaska

I made some ASCII graffiti for Truckstop Alaska, one of the better venues in Gothenburg where DATASTORM is held, among other things.


Internetdagarna, Stockholm, November 20-21

I'm doing ASCII graffiti and a robot live show with Jacob Remin at Internetdagarna next week. Unlike the rave set at Algorave last week, the robot will play more low-key cocktail dub electronica ambient something. And the ASCII graffiti will be painted on canvas, which you might be able to get if you're lucky.

More ASCII Graffiti

I made another ASCII graffiti experiment a few days ago at Röda Sten in Göteborg. More photos over here.

ASCII-graffiti again

Spraypainted ASCII-graffiti in Varberg, Sweden, 2016. Thanks to Karin Andersson for helping out!

More photos at the text-mode tumblr and more ascii graffiti here.