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It's finally out! DUBCRT is a music album, interactive light synthesizer and remix-gadget released as a Commodore 64 cartridge. It holds 8 songs with inter-reactive PETSCII-visuals coded by 4mat, with graphics made by iLKke. Get it on Bandcamp (very limited edition). The audio release has recordings of the songs (8580 and 6581 mixed together) and remixes by Datassette, Julien Mier, Mesak, Faderunner, ssaliva, Anomie, Sm0hm, Tim Koch, Jellica, Brännvall and Extraboy. Get it on Bandcamp too! A 19-minute jam with some of the songs from DUBCRT, performed in defMON on C64 together with a delay pedal.

DUBCRT coming soon

On Sunday my next cassette, 0407, will be released on Data Airlines. Phwah, cassettes are so mainstream I hear you say. Well, then I've got something for you (soon) - a C64-cartridge by the name of DUBCRT. It has music, generative PETSCII-graphics, LEDs, and hidden parts presented in a mysteriously interactive mega interface. Made by me, iLKke and 4mat, and organized by DataDoor.

More about this later. For now, let's focus on cassettes!

V/A: Serendip Lab Festival 2017

I've got a song on this compilation for Serendip Lab Festival, the (still on-going) festival in Paris where I played last weekend. It includes artists like Otto von Schirach and Bill Vortex (aka Poborsk), so check it out! My song was previously released on the dubCRT.

Interview & Review

I was interviewed in the C64 diskmag Vandalism News #66, talking about USA and defMON and DUBCRT and 80864 and camels and other things.

Oh and btw, Chipwin did a review of 80864 saying that even if it's house music, it's pretty decent. Alright then.