HT Gold Gets Cracked and Hated

In 2008 we hacked an old C64-game and turned it an even more fun game, that also looked a lot better: HT Gold. I guess it’s called glitch art. It was exhibited in a number of places, but it wasnt released in the scene. Until now.

It’s a funny coincidence, since I talked about HT Gold a while ago, as a perfect example of something that works in the art world but not in the scene. And it turns out I was right — just read the comments.

> Download the game (C64)


Micomonocon is a music game where monkeys try to play human acid pop. Set in a luxurious text mode environment, your mission is to prevent chaos and promote business. Do you have what it takes to be a top monkey?

Made by Raquel Meyers, Jens Nirme and Goto80 2013 for LA Game Space. Featured in Experimental Game Pack 01 along with indie game heroes such as Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy), Cactus (Hotline Miami), Chris Osborn (Bit.Trip series), Jeremy Bailey, Jeremy Douglass, Tracer & Minusbaby, Party Time! Hexcellent, and many more.

Micomonocon runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and requires Java. It’s likely the best way to practice your secretary skills and prevent monkey acid at the same time.

> Get the game
> More screenshots

Rent-a-Cop on Cartridge

I made the music and sound effects for Rent-a-Cop, a C64-game by Achim Volkers. The whole game is 16 kilobytes. Here’s a lowsy pic of the cartridge version of the game. Not sure if it’s for sale anywhere, but it’s free for download here.

We’ve Been Cracked!

Rent A Cop has been cracked! Laxity added unlimited lives, hi-score saver, and so on. And they released it the same day. Good work. d0Odz!

The C64 cracking scene is perhaps even more obscure than the demoscene. Alive and kicking, and really difficult to understand for outsiders. But they still strugge to get releases out first, and score the best points in the charts. Laxity has cracked more than 100 games – only in 2012!

Too bad they didn’t fix the bugs in the sound effects while they were at it. Actually, would be nice with a cracker group specialized in music. They would Open and Improve music, just like they do with games. Plenty of music could use a good crack.

A New 16kb Game: Rent a Cop

Achim Volkers made Rent A Cop for the RGCD competition, with music and sfx by me. The gameplay is a remix of Keystone Kapers for Atari, and all of it fits into 16 kilobytes.

I tried to make something inbetween Dirty Harry suspense and monotonous acid. So it’s Acid Police! The jingles are sort of mysteriously rhodesey, and the hi-score tune sounds a bit like soft 90’s electronica. I’m quite happy with the results!

Nevertheless, there will be another version out soon. Larger than 16 kilobytes, so I can add more sound effects. And btw, the picture is not in this version of the game. Don’t be fooled! Fight crime! Live the law!

Get the game here

Hardsync – New C64 Dance Pad Game

If you have a dance pad for C64 you can now dance to my music, thanks to Hardsync by the data-maestro lft.

There’s not so many songs in this first version, but my song Blox is in “pretty good” company. It’s in 188 bpm, so bring out that gabber footwork and make a happy dance!

Evil Wizard 2 (new C64-game)

Pingo asked me to make music for Evil Wizard 2. We’ve worked before on e.g Italo Disco (2002) and I actually made a song for his movie last year.

This is a rather straight-forward killer game, made in shoot ’em up construction kit. So I wanted to make a turbo action song inbetween Ghosts n’ Goblins and Axl Rose and DJ Assault. Hope I got away with it.