Big in Japan Documentary

I have some music in this new documentary that’s right now touring cinemas across Australia. Big in Japan is about contemporary fame culture, and about how a slightly geeky guy can become big in Japan for … something. Anything. My song Killer Piller is featured in the movie, remixed by cTrix who has worked a lot with the documentary.

V/A: Balearic Beats vol. 43

Two classic netlabels join forces to present this compilation with ibiza chill out anthems! Chippanze and Kittenrock have gathered people like Jellica, Pulselooper, tMt, Joss Manley, Mr. Spastic, Rico Zerone, Cheapshoot and irrlicht project for this very special occassion.

Yeah, and me. I made a song called Free Phil. It’s good chill, the best grooves.

Check it out on Bandcamp.

DataDoor Groupee

For as little as one and a half money you can download a whole bunch of DataDoor releases, as well as a unique recording of a live jam I did on the radio in Adelaide, Australia in 2015, with a C64, SX64 and Ray Manta’s effect pedals.

There’s the DataDoor sampler, Boulderdash, two albums of mine, 2x G.I.S., and Jeff Symons & Cameron Bonde. These are all good kind of IDM kind of chip kind of something. And if you throw some more moneys you get vinyls and tapes and worldwide shipping and eternal sunshine.

Remute presents: DataDoor

ST-FM – Celebrating ST-01 and 02

ST-FM is a collection of songs based on ST-01 and ST-02, two Amiga sample packs from 1987. Maybe the most used sample packs in the world? I gathered 15 composers together – old legends, sceners, and others (me) – to make new music with these classic sounds, as well as ilKke for graphics and Yonx & Bob for the coding of the music disk.

Check it outz!

> HTML5 music disk
> cassette/Bandcamp.

This is the first release on protoDATA, the new sublabel to Data Airlines. I’ll be involved in many more projects on protoDATA in the future, so stay tuned!

V/A: Rhythmus Records Presents…

I have a little soft reggae song (!?) on this compilation from Rhythmus Records, along with artists like Monodeer, dkstr, Firedrill and KeFF. Get it on Bandcamp.

I guess the idea for this song was to make 1990’s mainstream reggae, in some sort of chipstyle. Good idea, right?

V/A: DataDoor Sampler

DataDoor’s sampler is out now, with 20 songs from people like Tim Koch, Sense, Ed, Jellica and Boulderdash. You’ll recognize a lot of names (and styles) from late 90’s tracker cultures, netlabels, IDM/electronica and the demoscene.

I get the honour to open the compilation with a super cute acid pop tune made mostly with C64, TR-808 and the 303. Oh yeah, and PETSCII graphics by iLKke who also appears with a drum n’ bass track on the sampler!

> Get it on Bandcamp