V/A: Warm Data (Bit Rot)

The robot's first song is included in the compilation Warm Data, released by Bit Rot. The robot's song is pretty chill, but otherwise this compilation is for you who like it a bit rougher and more abstract. Includes artists such as Joss Manley, Irrlicht Project, tMT and Raquel Meyers. There's not just music but also programs and videos, so go n' get it now.

Get it on Bandcamp.

More Robot Music Videos

More Robot Music Videos

Enjoy some more proper documentation of robot music. First out is Dr.Step (from Floptrik) that was performed at Algomech last year (second video). Afrikstep was also performed there, but hasn't been properly released yet. The fourth video is a more chilled clip from our first sessions with the robot at Illutron in the summer of 2017.

The robot has its own Youtube channel now, btw.

Video from Truckstop Alaska

Video from Truckstop Alaska

Video of my performance with the robot at Truckstop Alaska last night. You can see how the robot plays the C64 as a piano using Cynthcart, and it also composed its own melodies in defMON.

Filmed by Måns Almered.

Spider Jam in Kirseberg

There was a jam last weekend with the robot, Linde, Jacob Remin, and me. Listen to two snippets here.

Acid af Robot

The robot is slowly starting to make its own music, here accompanied by a RE-303 bass line.