I’ve done lots of collaborations with other people doing texty visuals: PET.CORP, Hack n’ Trade, Raquel Meyers, iLKke, Dino and 4mat to name a few. But I’ve also been making some visuals on my own.


I made two ASCII-collections in 1995-1996, but I doubt anyone has those (and I’m not going to share). A sloppy PETSCII-piece from 2004 is out and about, though.


But it was around 2012 that I got more productive. Linde made a PETSCII-tool for internal use in Hack n’ Trade. I usde it to design Music for a 15 Year Old Me (together with Raquel Meyers) and I also did Sk√§nda flaggan that year.

Remote control music software (2013) was a video about a fantasy music software for teletext, which surprisingly many believed was real. I made all the teletext graphics.

In 2014 I made my first ASCII graffiti (designed by Spot). It’s done by making a stencil for each text character. I’ve done quite a few of these, available here.

In 2019 I released two of my PETSCII animations in the C64-demo Essentials.

In 2020 I started to release Amiga ASCII collys. I had found my own niche in colourizing Amiga ASCII kind of like PC ANSI, which was quite unusual on the Amiga for some reason. I released GOTO20, which was a big collection of colourful Amiga ASCII (which I semi-jokingly call ANSCII). Since then, I have made several collys in this style. The same year I also did some PETSCII-works: the logo for 808642 and some animations.

In 2022, I contributed with PETSCII for the new edition of GlitchNES, I did lots of ASCII for the Amiga magazine aSCII eXPRESS, glitchy animations for the Machines Don’t Cry video and three big ASCII/ANSI collys. My ASCII was used on the cover of S T A L L O.

In 2023, I designed a t-shirt and released Goto437 – a collection of PC ASCII. For the Basen i botten releaseparty I did loads of VJ-material, the hipp zum happ video (with BLDZR) and also plenty of text stuff for the Virtual Acid Karaoke Show (with BLDZR, too).

In 2024 I made this page and also published a page with some of my PETSCII animations that I’ve done over the years, here.