Video: Goto80 & Zden @ Lovebyte

Satori – Amis Cope (Amiga demo)

Zden is notorious in the demoscene for his consistent output of abstract/glitch/noise-inspired demos, mostly for PC. Last weekend he released his first Amiga demo, Amis Cope. It uses my music (a recording of a song mostly using the C64). It runs on old Amigas (ECS/OCS) with extra RAM and an FPU (eg a Vampire graphics card), or newer Amigas with accelerator cards (060).

Video of the Demobit Performance

Here's me playing live with a C64 and a delay pedal, with live video processing by Zden. It happened at Demobit in Bratislava where I was supposed to be in person but "due to circumstances" was unable to attend. So I streamed the video/sound, which partly explains the dodgy quality.

The performance was made without any preparations. I start an empty tracker and make the instruments and all the music on the fly.

Demobit, Bratislava, February 2

I'm coming back to the demoscene party Demobit in 2018 to do a performance (with Zden as a VJ) and a talk.

Demobit, Bratislava

Demobit is a demoparty in Bratislava, Slovakia 27-29 January. I'll play there with Zden as VJ - one of my favourite demo makers on the PC. We played together at one of the oldest techno clubs in Germany last summer (thanks Exlepäng!), and now we're going to up the game!