I'm doing a guest appearance in Dino's new ascii colly ASCII GRAFFITI II. It's incredibly long, even longer than my goto20 thing. Watch it online at ASCIIarena (press 'view colly').


aSCIIaRENA is a great site for Amiga scene ASCII art with comments and votings and walls and charts and so on - kind of like the BBS-world.

The site now supports ANSI as well, so my super mega long ASCII/ANSI-thing Goto20 is there too, receiving some pretty great feedback. So with a few people giving this a top vote it means that that both me and my colly are currently ranked as #1 on the whole site! Wat ze fokk...

It won't last long of course. Let's cherish this silly moment while it lasts.


My New ANSCII Collection

ANSCII? Yes, it's text graphics made with ASCII-characters (Amiga, with the Mo Soul font) and ANSI-colours. (I think I just made that name up though) This was just out in the latest release from Impure, one of my favourite text graphics crews around. Check it out below or at

And btw, I made this mostly with Moebius which is a good place to start if you want to get into this kind of text graphics (or for more Photoshop-style layers and animation action)

Our PETSCII-article out now

PETSCII – A Character Set and a Creative Platform is an article that Markku Reunanen, Tero Heikkinen and me wrote two years ago. It's published in Replay, the Polish journal of game studies, and is available as a PDF free to download.

HT – Essentials

New C64-demo from Hack n' Trade released at DATASTORM! PETSCII, noises, animals, laundry tools, music software and other things that are not supposed to be in a demo. It goes on forever, never stop watching!

Features Linde, Ray Manta, Jellica, Ilkke, Frantic, Mathman, AcidT*, me, Whizzy, Chantal Goret and Ant1.

I even coded one of the parts - my first and last one! More info and download at CSDb.