I just published a page with PETSCII-animations that I've been doing over the past few years. Some of them might have popped up in videos, demos or in VJ-sessions. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Syntax Cyber Disco Cool

I made this for the demoscene party Syntax in Melbourne, Australia and it came 4th after some very impressive PETSCII graphics.


Me and my crew mates in Hack n' Trade released a PETSCII-demo for C64 a while ago: LVLLVLtro. It was made for James, who codes the brilliant online PETSCII editor lvllvl. It features work by HT-members like Ray Manta, Jellica, Linde, me and Ant1. Guests include Jucke, Dino, Polyducks, Richard and Sire.

PS. This is the 809th post on this site. :>)


Screen printed ASCII graphics in two colours on a quality black t-shirt, 100% cotton. Available in Small to XXL (unisex).

Available on Bandcamp.

New ASCII for PC!

I've released a new ASCII-thing in Impure 85! This time I've tried to work with code page 437, popular on the IBM PC. It has different characters than the Amiga, such as the useful block gradients: ▓ ▒ ░. The font is designed differently, so for example the / and \ don't connect to each other. Boooo! I think I wrote a bit about the differences in this paper.

Anyway, this has been added to my MEGA ASCII PAGE where you can go and scroll into the abyss!