New ASCII for PC!

I've released a new ASCII-thing in Impure 85! This time I've tried to work with code page 437, popular on the IBM PC. It has different characters than the Amiga, such as the useful block gradients: ▓ ▒ ░. The font is designed differently, so for example the / and \ don't connect to each other. Boooo! I think I wrote a bit about the differences in this paper.

Anyway, this has been added to my MEGA ASCII PAGE where you can go and scroll into the abyss!

New ASCII stuff

I released a new ASCII colly at Revision (the biggest demo party around) and it came in 2nd place in the ASCII/ANSI/PETSCII compo. Watch on

More of my ANSCII-stuff here.

Riparian by Hack n’ Trade

This C64-intro was made by Eryngi and features my music. It's made with PETSCII-graphics, affected by code.

New demoscene things

I had some music released on the Zoo demoparty in Finland this weekend.

DiverSIDty #2 is a music disk with music by loads of people like Danko, Fegolhuzz, Flotsam and Shogoon. And me. You can download the file on CSDb and run it in a C64 emulator.

Skybox is a an impressive, noisy, stylish and eerie C64-demo made by the excellent Finnish demogroup Extend (and me). It's all made in PETSCII, and plenty of it is made by Electric who I have worked with several times before. The demo is available in C64-format at CSDb.

Hey, unrelated but... You know what? In May next year it will be 30 years since I released my first demoscene thing?!

Double Trouble

This one came #2 in the Amiga ASCII/ANSI compo at Evoke last weekend. :)