TEXTSCAPE exhibition


TEXTSCAPE is an online ASCII/textmode exhibition with cap'n, elle, ertdfgcvb, me, Julian Hespenheide, L444U, MEK.txt, p1xelfool, Raquel Meyers, V5MT and 1mposter. Curated by Vienna Kim and Benoit Palop.

PETSCII-ish stuff

I made this and this for this. It's kind of PETSCII, but I've added a few custom characters to the font. Actually, I've made a full font in the process... I'm also using more than one background colour in the top one (standard C64 PETSCII only uses one background colour).


My little part for the C64-demo 50sixx-6 by Judas, to celebrate Sixx's birthday. PETSCII-animation and SID-reggae, just the way you like it! The demo includes lots of indecent PETSCII by Dino, Jucke and Kerstin.

Douche ex Machina

Another ANSCII colly from me! Douche ex Machina. Available at aSCIIaRENA. More of my ANSCII here. Includes logos for Data Airlines, Hack n' Trade, Divine Stylers, Up Rough, Öhmans, ASCII Express, TEXTMODE, Basen i botten, Topaz, Superdöner, Gökens brorsa,  Dahléns, Infinite Acid Machine, Virtual Acid Reality Karaoke Show, Zabutom, Anti Alias, Quiz Galore, Beachfront Avenue, and myself.


I just published a page with PETSCII-animations that I've been doing over the past few years. Some of them might have popped up in videos, demos or in VJ-sessions. Enjoy it while it lasts!