Mind the Volcano

"Mind the Volcano is a text-based TV-performance with a typewriter logic. All the visuals consist of text characters, based on words and images from books. The music is composed live in a text-based software, shown as a part of the visual story. Words, images and music work closely together."

This is likely the first ever performance with remote controlled teletext visuals. Right? Not to mention all of the fantastic typewriter-style PETSCII animations. Raquel Meyers, yup yup! And then me doing lots of live music - sometimes even completely from scratch. Oh boy!

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My Own Teletext Channel!

Yeah, this could obviously be faked. But don't worry - you will see soon enough that it's not. Me and Raquel Meyers are now able to produce our own teletext signal. So now we don't need a video mixer anymore!

We've started to mix teletext with trackers and PETSCII graphics. Check out the first tests at Flickr. There's also some teletext printouts there, using a TV with a built-in dot matrix printer. Check out if you're hungry for more text graphics.