Yeti Bad Guy Polka Video

In 2013, me and Raquel Meyers performed a big show in Paris for kids called Yeti Sound Machine. This video shows the different parts of that performance, running with one of the songs from the performance: Yeti Bad Guy Polka (also featured on Files in Space). She also recently made a book with graphics from the performance. All in glorious C64 PETSCII graphics.

This video was also made to celebrate that we've worked together for 10 years. Raquel compiled some of our work here, have a look! If you want even more, go here.

Matsam0t at Whitebox Art Center

Matsamöt from 2SLEEP1 is screening at CLICK CLICK CLICK / Closing of Coded After Lovelace at Whitebox Art Center in New York, 2 September. Also features works from Lillian Schwartz, Geraldine Juárez, Olia Lialina, Rosa Menkman and many more.


Yet Sound Machine – The Book

Yeti Sound Machine was a performance for kids that me and Raquel Meyers did in Paris earlier this year. This is the book with some of the PETSCII graphics from the show. Get it at Lulu.

> Also check out her teletext book, Thread of Fate

Faxxx back from the dead

Following the success of previous fax performances Fax & frankering for folket at Demoteket and Memoblast at Transmediale, Faxxx Back From the Dead is now live at Click Festival in Denmark. This time we take a step back, so all the content is created by You. So get your fax on at 0045 73738010. Do it now! Before it's too late!

> More info
> The fax book.


Watch a walk-through of the FULL SCREEN exhibition. You even get to hear a snippet of my music!