Acid Knob video

Warning for flashing images! Video by Alma Alloro and Omri Cohen-Alloro, using their own software Dont Look Back, available for free online. The song is from the 12" vinyl We Call it SJ.

Alma Alloro showreel with my music

I've worked with Alma Alloro several times before. Now she has this new show reel, and she and her brother made a drawing/animation software that is really cool! -> Don't look back

V/A: 300 – Bring’em Low (20kbps MP3)

20 Goto80 - mcmcmc

The classical low-bitrate netlabel 20kbps (remember Copyslave?) makes its 300th release and celebrates with a compilation of 57 songs by Atarix, k9d, Gert 300, Josstintimberlake, Sascha Müller, Olympic Smoker and many more. Cover art by Bikecore. My song is a little piece of Defmon slacker-darkness.

Goto80: Son Of Music (dexandthecity MP3)

damn! - youth style (goto80 remix)
casio river
chasing pop
cia timing
loadit remix
pack nothing
pappap amiga style

Latvian netlabel dexandthecity gives you the last goto80-release of 2007 and/or the first of 2008! Download or stream. Happy pop, sad pop, broken funk, adventure pop, sad-hop, casio noise, msx dystopia, mongo-jazz, etc. Hello. Cover art by Alma Alloro.

Goto80: Little Tittle (20kbps MP3)

01 Shiphole
02 Porno Invaders
03 Theparty97
04 Datadubb
05 Newspace
06 Lollipop
07 Extraboy - Kröv (Goto80remix)

This is the 12th MP3 mini album of 2007! Seven hot tracks for 20kbps rec. Download or die! You can expect some noisy funk, sweet ballads, slow databröt, dub, etc. Cover art by Alma Alloro.