The Ferret Show is a musical that me, the Uwe Schenk Band and Raquel Meyers did. We released it as video and as MP3s at Upitup. Those MP3s were completely free for others to use (ie, it was not creative commons), so it was published as public domain at Free Music Archive.

It seems like that made it reach out to a lot of people who don’t normally hear my music. So there’s a pretty bizarre collection of YouTube clips that uses one of the songs from the Ferret Show:

A guy on a motorbike buying sushi ingredients, someone talking about customer service, duct tape artist documentary, instant art career, dinosaur comedy, unpacking pokemon, new zealand trans something, the game go, backseat gamer, video game sex, a machinima movie or sth, how to draw ASCII weapons, some kind of cartoon, an article about Brooklyn Circus style, and so on. And here’s even more:

Bonus: Japanese Girl Drinking Cow Piss and F**king!