Mazemod is an internet radio that just got online, and serves us some of the freshest Amiga music out there. (and some new fresh design by otro aswell) I made a playlist with some of my favourite Amiga tunes out there, with the thought of showcasing some different styles of Protracker music. It includes 4-mat, Skope, Shout, Qwan, Niemo, Mortimer Twang, Loonie, Heatbeat, Groo, Duz, Dune, Bruno, Bit Arts, Audiomonster, 911, XTD. So relax – it’s pretty normal music this time! Muhahahahaaaa! Now go pack yourself.

Oh, and better not miss the Amiga intro announcing the release! Killer shit from Otro+Goto80, the duo of drum’n’radio! (it is demomania! the biggest sin in the amiga nerdoscene!)